Update: 1952: Awolowo Allegedly Caught ‘Naked’ In Pic With Naked School Children In S’West, 1952, Nigeria–Observers

Update: 1952: Awolowo Allegedly Caught ‘Naked’ In Pic With Naked School Children In S’West, 1952, Nigeria–Observers New York[RR]S’West,Nigeria–Observers and political pundits are running amok over surfaced picture of former Premier of west Nigeria, Chief Obafemi Awolowo, with naked school children in 1952, Republic Reporters investigations show. According to commentators and pundits at say the […]


Update: 1952: Awolowo Allegedly Caught ‘Naked’ In Pic With Naked School Children In S’West, 1952, Nigeria–Observers

New York[RR]S’West,Nigeria–Observers and political pundits are running amok over surfaced picture of former Premier of west Nigeria, Chief Obafemi Awolowo, with naked school children in 1952, Republic Reporters investigations show. According to commentators and pundits at say the picture is real. Here is what they are saying:

“There must have been something wrong here. No leader no matter how lowly or highly placed would allow this to happen in his/her watch, not to talk of partaking in the photograph. I am forwarding this personally to Prof. Aluko, Dr.Ola Kassim and Ms.Jumoke to throw more light on it. The photo looks really BAD in all respects and shouldn’t have been taken or allowed to have happened. It says a lot about our duty to the less fortunate up to and even in their appearance and the image they project as in this photo. This Picture Diminishes All of Us then and even now. With tears in my eyes! I cry for a Beloved Country..”, said Mazi Inno Chimah.

Lawrence Sobiye called in from Mailama, Federal Capital Territory, FCT, Abuja: “Many of you never knew how primitive we are in the black world before the advent of education. The picture here should not surprise anybody, it is the reality of the times. Many of you never knew that 12 and 13 years olds are just starting primary school then.
It could be possible that it was when Awo came to the village that they went to gather the children whose parents have gone to the farm or gone for fishing to come and register to start school. In those days, children go about naked, most especially in the village.

“In the sixties, all primary school children go to school bare footed including the children of the rich. 1952 is 62 years, ago. In 1952, even when the rich dress, the sokoto is always different from the buba dress. That was the vogue then, when did civilization came to black Africa.

“You spoil t children of these days are just talking anyhow, not knowing the sacrifice that your parents or grand parents played before you became what you How many children were going to school in1952, and how many school were available to go. When even at this age many are still not going to school.

“You should all be careful of your languages, and ask for forgiveness, because una too know is too much…”, he said.

Ezeana Igirigi Achusim: “Speak for yourself. Most in the black world were fully clothed by 1952, both adults and children. Some black communities, like those represented in the picture, were too slow to learn. You would think that the fact that Awolowo was not naked would be enough for parents to say that their children must also be dressed. But no. The parents pretended that they were sending their children to nudist colony, and not school. Don’t blame it on the black world. Blame on the slower pace to civilization by folks in the then western region…”he said.

Adiele: “Nnaanyi Achusim,It is incredible that some people, dying to absolve Awolowo of any culpability, continue to confuse 1952 with 1852. Were children, in most parts of Nigeria, seen nakedly in most places in 1952? Yes! But did children, in concert, go to school in utter nakedness while the adults, including their visiting Premier, were properly clothed? Only in Western Region of Nigeria did this happen in 1952, as depicted by this picture.

“Our Yoroba brethren should stop trying to defend Awo’s indefensible Awure-like photo taking episode; the photo only shows that the man was not perfect. The photo also proves that our Yoroba folks were not as sophisticated as their loud mouths frequently claim.

“I have checked with my father and he swears that no child went to school naked in 1952’s Eastern Region of Nigeria.

WS: “Nnaa, if them Yoroba were half as civilized, as they claim, that picture, even then should have have been Awo’s political death knell. Well, but how do you talk civilization about a host of Araokes….Igbomina….those Igbo left behind, that is. Abeg.

On Monday, July 14, 2014 9:10 PM, “Wharfery Snake wrote: Awolowo was described as a misanthrope. That appellation is in full display below. What manner of man would stand and take picture with a bunch of naked children.
Folks, is that not a form of pedophilia for a grown man to be taken pictures with naked boys?..”, he said

Emeka Okala, London: ” Comment:Was it the primary responsibility of Chief Awolowo to cloth the school children? The last time I checked parents have the primary responsibility of clothing their children and should take full responsibility for their children’s nakedness at school..”, he said.

Nebukadineze Adiele: “Incredible! Children went to school stark naked in the Western Nigeria of Awolowo’s era of just 1952, yet Yoroba supremacists will not let us rest for a minute without bragging about Awo’s free education?

“Where is the school, this abandoned building? For a second, I thought that this picture was of Biafran orphans in a refugee camp. To now know that this picture was not taken in war time, but was taken at school as a whole Premier of that Region visited, is traumatic and nauseating. If these children could come to school naked on the day that their Premier was visiting their “school”, one can only imagine what their regular everyday looked like.

“No wonder JUI and most Midwesterners get mad at me whenever I advocate ceding their areas back to the Western Region. Chineke ejikwem ogu o for ndi Yoroba!…”, he said.

Vincent Modebelu:”Dede Nebu.This APC scam did not start today….Schools are the first victim while they lived well.Awolowos kids were in London being paid for from the taxes from BINI market women…the same way tinibus daughter is trying to tax lagos market women. Awolowos wife was busy buying up all UAC store on marina. and Ibadan…as the sole distributor.

ALL THE GIRLS AND BOYS ARE NAKED in his domain. I am going to locate all this students…I will represent them…”, he said.

Uzoma KLM :”This is not funny!Awolowo is a sadistic coward. He enjoyed watching people suffer. Why did he proceed with the shot?
Emeka, can you extend an invite to me, for your birthday?..”, he said.


If these grown-ups were half naked, I wonder what their household looked like? Don’t come back with “well it is a cultural dance”…… is what it is “shokoto olopa”.Nebu loves asking foolish questions!Nebu, we know about the senile Ezeana, what is your excuse? Nebu, if you need more pictures pls call your man Afis!

“By the way, the place in the touted Awo’s picture and naked kids was Aghenebode, not Yorubaland.Nebu is an ignoramus igbo boy, Olodo in geography, can’t pinpoint anywhere-Nigeriana.The moment I saw (ok, no exaggeration, it was an hour later) that picture I knew it was taken inside a Kukuruku village…”, he fumed.

Ezeani: “Afis:Even though nothing says they are Igbo, but it is fascinating to note that in 1922, these were dressed for the occasion, while in 1952, Awolowo was posing with naked folks in the western region. As far back as 1922 Igbo knew not to venture around not fully dressed. And in 1952, folks were going about naked in the western region. You know what? Awolowo in 1922 may have been going about his business with the rest of his folks naked in the western region. I dare you show a picture of Awolowo in 1922 naked.

“Afis. Don’t worry. Agbada saved the day. Nobody goes around naked in the west any more. And if any snaps pictures of naked folks in the west, they will be charged with pornography..”, he said.

Afis: “Mazi Ezeana, you may be wrong more than right, but who’s judging.
The hilarious part of the pictures, to me, is the Igbo “guinea fowl” catchers of 1921. It’s surprising to discover that the Igbo’s light-fingering had a notorious beginning.

“You see, my Mazi Ezeana, lots of Igbos in Surulere or in Lagos were known as “stealers” of fowls in the neighborhoods where they reside, mostly at Igbo cultural celebrating times. I never for once imagined they inherited “ligh-finger-ness” from some ancestors who were actually “professional guinea fowl raiders” in their times.Imagine my surprise when I stumbled upon those pictures?
Now I know……..Igbos are Omo-b’ole-nle… is in their DNA..”, he said.

Ezeana Igirigi Achusim: “So Bode George is Igbo? I did not know that. By the way, guinea fowls were hunted as game. If I go hunting with you for guinea fowls, I would bag a few before you bag one, if at all. Lazy folks don’t have the skills to hunt anything…” he inquired.

Ozodi Osuji: ” To the newly minted Alhaji Jaramiyu: The picture for which you asked: will someone please explain this for us…is a picture at an Owerri Mgbari house (museum). You could read the book by Herbert Cole, Mgbari of Owerri. Dr. Cole, a good friend, is a professor at the University of California, Santa Barbara. He lived in my compound and, indeed, understudied my uncle, Akakporo, a famed Igbo Mgbari sculptor in the 1960s. He studied Mgbari when he was doing his field study for his doctoral dissertation and consequent book.

“Thank you for the pictures of naked Igbos. I assumed that the people lived as you depicted them as; and so did other Nigerians and, indeed, Africans (they still walk naked in South Sudan…see the Dinka people).

“For comparative purposes, could you please show us how Idoma people were clad from 1900 to, say, 1970? Or would you like Igbos to do it for you? “Or did you think that there are no Igbos with google search skills? There are actually many Igbos who are competent with computers…one runs a computing school at somewhere in Maryland…when I lived at Arlington, Virginia, I visited his school.
“By the way, the picture of young men who were clad in what our people called Ogodo that you said are in Owerri were not too far off from what folks used to be like when the British came to our lands and called Africans savages. My wife, a white woman visited and lived in my village; when she came back she had pictures of naked folks in the village (I had very casual acquaintance with Igbo villages since I was born and grew up at Lagos, Victoria Island and left Nigeria after secondary school). What we need to do is to modernize our obviously primitive people rather than degrade them, as you intended to do.

“PS: I ask folks to stop sending their mails to me and they keep doing so; if you had not sent this mail to me I would not have abused my eyes by seeing naked Africans…”, he said.

Segun T. Dawodu: “As far back as 1952, how many communities in Midwest and Eastern regions had their kids fully clothed on daily basis and going to primary schools. That is if the kids were even allowed to be in school instead of being farms. While I was not in existence in 1952, historical books are filled with stories of people going butt-naked even amobg adults in some communities. I no wan mention name oh but don’t dare me.

“We should be talking about how we can help our communities from going backwards into such BBC (Big Blind Country)era and moving forward to greater things…”, he said.

JAMES AGAZIE: “Awo’s sadism was related t his desire to others suffer physically and financially while his relatives grew plumb with government handouts.

“Why would i be surprised Awo’s sadism extended to war on Biafran kids and the use of starvation as a terrorizing weapon?
“I Believe the boy in front sucking the breast of another child was no other than Ola Kassim giving a medical exam to Ayo Ojulutayo…”, he said.

From Portland, Oregon, Ikpafak Thompson Essien said:”If you are so much concerned about the nakedness of the children, why did you have to post it on the Internet?

Collins Ezebuihe: “Actually, in some parts of Africa and Asia, that kind of picture is still standard…”, he said.

Ezekwe: “The picture should not have been taken, hindsight is 20/20 of course. But it is a little surprising that the kids went to school naked in the first place, Nigeria is not that backward. The picture was taken in 1952, it still is surprising that anyone would go to school naked then. Children in the villages back then mightn’t have anything, but they all had school uniforms and Sunday clothes and sandals. In the townships, except when it was raining and children were playing in the rain, kids were seldom naked. Was this picture taken for any purpose? Foreign Aid? Propaganda? I sincerely can’t imagine why kids would be naked in school in 1952 Nigeria, unless the practice was okay in Western region at the time. It is a little absurd…”, he said.

Wharfery Snake: “Dr. Dawodu: If you are a son of your mother I dare to expose the butt nakeds of 1952. This is what we know an have seen in pictures and that is that in western nigeria, a bunch of kids were photographed at school butt naked with their leader. It does not matter when Awolowo was premier of govt house leader, what is important is that he was not shamed by the nakedness of those kids. To him it was acceptable. Would he have allowed his kids to be butt naked in school?

Adeniran Adeboye: “Dr. Dawodu, I won’t dare you so that we don’t embarrass our compatriots who posted that picture with the objective of casting Awolowo in bad light. It will not wash.

WS: “One thing is clear you have nothing to expose. Basically you were just blowing hot air. You see Dawodu I did not call you or your mother name but in your reply you would use that as an excuse to chicken out. What I did was call you out on your nonsensical dare. Now that you were called out what did you do? You tucked tail and ran while cursing.

“If anyone is despicable it is you who made a Statement that you can’t back up. You are nothing a hollow object. 1. Is the picture a photo shop product with an Awolowo look-alike inserted? The caption referred to Awolowo as Premier (misspelt), but no such title was in use in Nigeria in 1952. Awolowo, Eyo Ita, Ahmadu Bello, and E.M. Endeley all had the title Leader of Government Business in the West, East,North, and what..”, he said.

Wakilawal: “All you need to do is type “Igbo village” on google, you will see more than kids butt naked. You can surf it for 24 hours and the caption of each picture will answer your questions. For contrast and comparison type “Yoruba village” on google. Do the same on every tribe to your mind. FYI, Western region has been manufacturing cloth before the great grandfather of Awo was born. Western region put up first radio house in Africa, first television house in Africa, first skyscraper in Africa, first primary school in Africa, first Bible, first author, first lawyer, first doctor, etc.

Ezeana Igirigi Achusim: “Yea. Afis did. And all he found was some handsome Igbo dressed to kill on their way to guinea fowl hunt. Leave this subject alone to die. Awo looks worse each time you resurrect the subject. But the choice is yours.

Greg Ukaegbu: “I thought the subject was “school” not “village”.
“Find one picture of a school in all of former Eastern Region where one child went to school naked. Post it.Somehow tribalism has to be injected into everything. Tufiakwa..”, he said.

Emeka Reuben Okala: “1. In the first place, Chief Obafemi Awolowo – “the BEST President Nigeria never had” (no human being can take that from him) had no responsibility whatsoever to cloth those children or any other child under his governmental
jurisdiction for that matter. The parents of the children had.

2. In the era when the photograph was taken and until recently, it was not an eyesore for innocent children to walk stark naked in public, especially in rural areas – if truth should be told, some of you who now make the most noise and much ado about nothing here walked naked in your years of infancy. You only realised your nakedness and the reason for you to be clothed when you were approaching the age of consent. The only noticeable difference in that picture however is that it was taken in a school, where every parent was supposed to cloth their children or wards before sending them to School.

3. Chief Awolowo was an August visitor to that School at the time the picture was taken. He saw the children and accepted them just as they were. He did not discriminate against them becuase they were stark naked — don’t forget that children nakedness was an acceptable societal norm at the time. But to give every child a sense of belonging and confidence especially the naked ones he allowed all and sundry to join in that photograph.

Recall that photography was a very scarce commodity at that time.

That he allowed even the naked children amongst the pupils to join in that group photograph was much to his credit. You may not understand what I’m talking about because it takes sensitivity, broadmindedness and wisdom to do so, especially at a time when primary education was not compulsory and visionary politicians like Awo who meant well for the country were ready to sacrifice anything to encourage the children to go to school.

4. You are comparing the scenario of Nigeria of 1952 — eight years before independence to the Nigeria of 2014 — fifty-four years after independence. That’s the height of unfairness and fraud!

You may be seeing this picture as an eyesore today, but in those dark years when Nigeria was yet to arrive on its cradle, it generated not much eyebrow, if at all.

Having said that, Awo may not have ended his visit to that school without a note of warning to parents and guideians that clothing their children and wards in school was mandatory. But who, amongst those who dug out this photograph will be man enough to provide that portion of the report? None! That’s why we are where we are. Lord have mercy!

Igboka Uwadiegwu: “The pic below is simply DESPICABLE and even MORE unjustifiable with the not-so-iminent presence of a personality…an official government personality; the leader of a region.

“One has to be a pig of a personality to pose so absent-mindedly with a bunch of innocent STARK NAKED under-aged boys and girls…RIGHT in FRONT of their school building. No conscious, responsible or visionary leader would have allowed this pic to be taken.

“See, the nakedness of these innocent kids is of a secondary importance here. 2 factors shock SEVERELY in this pic; the first being that these kids were allowed by awolowo to be in school…TOTALLY NAKED; from head to toe. The second and this is the most appalling and unforgivable of all; awolowo allowed this photo to be taken for posterity and POSED majestically in it, thus lending it an even GREATER weight.

“As it stands, who would have cared about this photo had this mindless self-centered bigot of awolowo not soil it with his abject presence ?

“Really, once a monster, forever a monster. This awo of a freak seems to have something going with NAKED belly-ballooned pre-adolescent kids. Years after this IGNOBLE photo was taken and with him shamelessly on it, he was in the former Eastern region during the war, and after seeing hundreds of belly-ballooned dying hungry kids, he was so EXCITED he recommended to his Hausa-fulani masters that the hunger-as-a-weapon-of-war policy he engineered and the subsequent embargo on food and medical equipments be re-enforced.

Isn’t it paradoxical that he had a serious penile disease before he died? Yap, the EVIL that men do follow them to their graves. So it was with the monster called awolowo. Obafemi awolowo; the morally DIRTIEST of the 3 main premiers and/or leaders of pre-independent Nigeria..”, he said.

Ezekwe: “Awo, the BEST President Nigeria never had” (no human being can take that from him).

“The president of Nigeria during the war was Awo. Awo is so smart and wise in accepting a job from Gowon. Gowon was grateful to have Awo around him, as other sharks from the North could have easily dispatched him. Awo was Gowon’s Brain during the war, period. Gowon’s intellect at the time, compared to Awo is what. You can’t supervise what you can’t control. Awo was it, Gowon was the puppet. So, indeed Awo was a “president of Nigeria” and we know how that went down. Give the man his credit…”, he said.

WS: “Alhaji Wakiman Lawal:Have you found the school yet? You seem to occupy yourself with inanities instead of the task at hand. Alhaji Wakiman Lawal your task is to go out and find a school in eastern nigeria with stark naked boys and girls and then go out and find one with the premier in the picture. If you do that then we will take you serious and until then you are just a nuisance and a nincompoop. Now run off and go with go play with your kind…”, he said.

Wakilawal: “But I already pointed to you where to find naked people. Naked is naked whether kids or adults…”, he said.

Babajide Adetule: “Folks,What does someone stands to gain from this barbaric display of nude pictures of this magnitude? Do you consider the embarrassment you would have caused these innocent pupils who are today men and women of high integrity in the country. Can you imagine how themselves, their wives, husbands, children, grand children and the public will look at them?

“The picture has caused incurable damage that whatever points the person driving at and what us to believe…”, he said.

Ezeana Igirigi Achusim: “Segun:I am qualified to answer your question. Before 1952, all kids were clothed in the Eastern region. How on earth could a father put on clothes and not know that his sons must be clothed. How on earth could a mother put on clothes and not know that her daughters need to have some clothes on?

“Look. There are cultural differences between Eastern and Western region and you don’t have to feel bad that while the culture in the Eastern region called for clothing a on all, the children and adolescence were still attending school naked. Pictures don’t lie. There are no pictures in existence of children running around naked in the Eastern region as far back as 1941. Putting on clothes was part of the idea of going to school or going to church.

“I did tell you about the birth of agbada? My uncle had extra piece of clothing material. When he visited the SW and saw the nakedness, he hurriedly cut a hole in the center of the piece, pushed the naked man’s head through the hole, and bingo, the agbada. My aunt followed up with embroidery later. The important thing is that the natives were taught to cover up.

“Like I said, don’t sweat the past. The important thing is that no one is going to school naked in the SW today. Thanks to the Igbo. And I am..”,Achusim said.

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