Update: “$2.8B Missing Oil-Money: “..Buhari Did Not Just Start Serving His Father Land In 1977, He Began It In 1962 As 2nd Lieutenant in the Nigerian army..”–Nebukadineze Adiele

Update: “$2.8B Missing Oil-Money: “..Buhari Did Not Just Start Serving His Father Land In 1977, He Began It In 1962 As 2nd Lieutenant in the Nigerian army..”–Nebukadineze Adiele New York[RR] Abuja–Following hot contested accusations and counter-accusations between Buhari and El-Rufai in 2010 or there about, has resurfaced again. It was alleged that Buhari was involved […]


Update: “$2.8B Missing Oil-Money: “..Buhari Did Not Just Start Serving His Father Land In 1977, He Began It In 1962 As 2nd Lieutenant in the Nigerian army..”–Nebukadineze Adiele

New York[RR] Abuja–Following hot contested accusations and counter-accusations between Buhari and El-Rufai in 2010 or there about, has resurfaced again. It was alleged that Buhari was involved a Shoddy Oil-Deal worth $2.8Billion that went missing and ended in Midland Bank London. As it were, this alleged is still being contested by Buhari supporters and sympathizers, Republic Reporters has learned.

El-Rufai in a piece by Muyiwa Adekeye, captioned-“El Rufai: Buhari Should Stick To Facts”, told reporters in Abuja, that: “..he (Buhari) is boldly contesting the false charges which the Yar’Adua government filed against him in court. It is strange that a Buhari who protests when unproven claims of N2.5 billion (about US $3billion in those days!) missing oil funds are leveled against him can gleefully elevate similar claims into facts when it concerns another. How would Buhari feel if the corruption allegations made against him by Group Captain Usman Jibrin, then a board member of PTF, are today reported as if they were proven facts? So much for “corrupt background” and “shoddy performance”, he said. It still being challenged.

Ezeana Igirigi Achusim, believes Buhari is just as corrupt as his colleagues in the military during his era the military. He said, “All I asked for was Buhari’s employment history to satisfy the doubters that he has been engaged in a visible means of livelihood.

“I am not qualified to judge Buhari’s guilt or innocence. Same way many are not qualified to judge the guilt or innocence of Obj, BBB or Sanusi. They are not in jail, so they are clean as Buhari.

“…Igbo forgive but do not forget. People have overwhelming reasons to reject a candidate no matter their other qualities. I can understand the generation of Igbo who experienced the Biafra war rejecting any Nigerian soldier who purportedly rained mayhem at Owerri. Buhari himself should understand that. Christians forgave Judas but they have not forgotten him.

“Some other issue just came up and that should help APC settle on who should be their standard bearer in the 2015 election. Remember now that there are permanent interests and not permanent enemies. Buhari, Okorocha, Ngige and Amaechi are all members of APC. Some people believe that Okorocha, Ngige or Anaechi will make a better president than Buhari. What do you think? I never meant to put you on the spot. But I know you will not hesitate to let us know your choice.

“Forget this fight against corruption deal with Buhari. Odua was the only corrupt minister. She just happened to be Igbo. They got her without Buhari’s help. Igbo are easy and only targets in any war against corruption any way.

Nebukadineze Adiele reacting on this matter said the allegations are false, that Buhari has been serving his fatherland since 1962. “$2.8B Missing Oil-Money: “..Buhari Did Not Just Start Serving His Father Land In 1977, He Began It In 1962 As 2nd Lieutenant in the Nigerian army..”–Nebukadineze Adiele

He said, “..Nnaanyi Achusim, Biko, do not join irresponsible hate mongers in bearing false witness against an innocent man. General Buhari did not just start serving his father land in 1977, he began it in 1962 when he was commissioned a 2nd Lieutenant in the Nigerian army. Through the years, he discharged every of his assignments with distinction and blamelessness.

“But because most Nigerians are criminals, some of you find it difficult to believe that a man like Buhari, who has held the most lucrative positions (to Nigerians thieves) in his career, could not have stolen from Nigeria. The conclusion, by you, that every Nigerian is a thief (that is what you imply when you assert that Buhari could have stolen while in office) was what fueled all the rumors around him. In every instance where the rumors were investigated, Buhari came out shinning like a virgin star.

“By now, you must have accepted that the Irieke Tribunal gave a complete and irrefutable exoneration of Buhari on the stupid allegation of $2.8 billion missing oil money — no money missed or could have even missed. You are an intelligent man and a successful accountant but I was appalled at you for not once deploying your expertise at fiscal matters to dissuade the idiots who believed that it was possible to siphon out of Nigeria $2.8 billion and deposit it in one bank. I could not believe that educated Nigerians could be so dumb over monetary policies that they believed that such a concoction was possible.

“I regret that you, Nnaanyi Achusim, acted like okenye no na ulo ewu amuo nwa na obu (an elderly who supervised a goat’s giving of birth while still tethered to a tree — an abomination in Igbo land). If you can be excused for minding your own business, by not dismissing the $2.8 billion fairy tale from a professional point of view, you are now tarring that excuse by indirectly fueling a ridiculous lie that Buhari lives above his means — he does not live above his means; his most virulent critics who know him personally can tell you so while swearing with Amadioha.

Mr. Adiele added, that, “The next rumor about Buhari that was investigated was the accusation that he and Idiangbo were enriching themselves through the counter trade embarked upon by his administration. In fact, this CIA instigated rumor was so ripe that Babangida used it to convince some soldiers who were unwilling to join his coup into joining it. He said something like this to them, ‘how could they (Buhari and Idiagbon) stop us from stealing but are making themselves millionaires through counter trade?’ The idea that Buhari was making money through counter trade so enviously disturbed Babangida that he announced the cancellation and probing of the counter trade scheme on his maiden address to the nation — just imagine that. Well, the tribunal he set up to investigate the counter trade came back and told him that they had been sold a dummy — the counter trade was an economic bonanza to Nigeria, with no one having personally benefited from it fraudulently.

“Babangida tried to revive the counter trade but the CIA, at the behest of Big Oil, told him, “no way Jose”, and he balked (they had told Buhari similarly but he defied them). How did we get to the counter trade?

“Well, the Buhari adminsitration had made oil bunkering punishable by firing squad and overnight, oil thieves exited Nigerian territories (they came back right after he left office and are today siphoning more oil out of Nigeria than Nigeria sells, with no Nigerian leader doing anything about it). With that, Nigeria became awash in excess crude oil, which we could not sell due to our OPEC assigned quotas. Ingeniously, Buhari and Tam David West decided to barter our oil for the manufacturing, industrial, educational, and hospital equipment that we lacked but needed badly — bear in mind that our earnings had reduced by about 60% as at 1983 and a reasonable portion of what we earned went back into servicing debts incurred by the politicians.

“By bartering the oil that we could not sell, we were solving a major part of our economic decline — the barter was keeping industries afloat, hospitals viable, science and education up to standard, etc. But American and British Big Oil did not like this, for it cut off their exploitative profiteering in the countries with whom we bartered oil. In addition, the UK manufacturers association (or whatever it was called) raised a serious alarm, to the effect that Nigeria’s bartering for oil had made it possible for Nigeria to reduce its projected imports from the UK by over 50%, a situation that could lead to unemployment and economic crises in the UK. It was at this juncture that the CIA and its British counterpart went to work, tarnishing Nigeria and Buhari.

“First, they spread a propaganda within OPEC that Nigeria was quitting and destabilizing the organization — they presented oil bartering as their evidence. OPEC summoned Nigeria and Tam David West denied that Nigeria was quitting or destabilizing OPEC. He cited Saudi Arabia as an OPEC member that once used barter to solve its pressing economic needs when it could not export more oil than the quota allowed it to export. With that, OPEC told the CIA to mind its business and leave the organization alone. But knowing Nigerians to be inexplicably gullible over rumors, the CIA planted the rumor, which was believed then by most Nigerians, until Babangida’s tribunal uncovered its source and its mendacity.

“I must add that the citizens who allow themselves to be deluded by unintelligent lies of this sort deserve whatever befalls them and or whatever befalls their nation. In other words, the gullibility of Nigerians, with respect to admiring or accepting gossips and character assassinations, is one of the reasons that Nigeria is today a big for nothing country. But for Nigerians’ gullibility in accepting the distorted versions of the events of January 15, 1966, there would have been no civil war or the atrocities that preceded and succeeded it.

“It troubles me that most of these lies against Buhari were begun by the then notoriously partisan Ngbati press and later championed by our ordinary Yoroba compatriots whose gripe was the alleged disrespecting of Pa Awo and the retrial of some acquitted beloved Yoroba UPN ex-governors by the Buhari regime. While our Yoroba folks have mostly learnt the truth and backed away from this degree of incessant hate-filed falsehood peddling against Buhari, my Igbo, as did some in 1966, have taken over the fatuous falsehood ferrying.

“In 1966, Igbo took over Yoroba’s wahala that began in 1964 and brought a hundredth fold that wahala to Igbo folks, with its residuals still felt today. Fifty years later, Igbo are once again grabbing Yoroba-abandoned falsehood peddling against Buhari and are running wild and deliriously with it. All this for Jonathan Goodluck who has 419ned us consistently.

“Today, we have a seaport at Enugwu where he claimed to have built an airport for us. He is building a second Niger Bridge but Igbo is paying for most of it through tollgate — something that had never been done anywhere else in Nigeria. The federal government even constructed the new River Kaduna Bridge — a local problem for that matter– but Ebele finds it difficult to construct an essential inter state linkage like the second Niger Bridge without charging Ndi Igbo for it, yet most of us don’t see the injustice there? Igbo entrepreneurs must import their goods from Lagos and wait months and months to clear the goods at high costs. But this can easily be ameliorated by putting the ports in the East and Midwest into use.

“It is stupid and vintage visionless leadership that a country of over a 100 million people operates only one seaport. A couple of weeks ago, the catastrophe that is that seaport — delays in clearing goods, traffic congestion within the port, corruption of all sorts in open view, the high penalties paid by the government for ships that berth because of congestion, etc — were cataloged in a news report. All these inefficiencies translate to hardships to the average citizen and high cost of doing business by the business community. Were Ebele a visionary leader, all the seaports outside Lagos would be in operation now, they would have created hundreds of jobs in their areas of location, and also made entrepreneurship attractive once again. It will cost the government the same amount it pays in penalties to delayed berthing ships to make these other ports operational. The returns will be so huge and easily felt by the people that Ebele will overnight become the most accomplished president in Nigeria. Instead of some of you to channeling him into these areas, you only resort to applauding his incompetence, his brutish deploying of the instrument of the federal government to crush anyone opposed to his reelection, and your irrational fixation on Muhammadu Buhari. What most of you do not know is that Ebele holds Buhari in the most utmost respect because of Buhari’s incorruptibility.

He added, ‘..I would have joined you all in this Buhari bashing if it were based on truth or on ideological differences. There is nothing wrong in not supporting Buhari based on ideology but there is everything wrong in making up lies just to tar him. What you are doing with this falsehood peddling is not funny and it will backfire on Igbo in the same way that Ifeajuna’s irrational coup backfired on us. Please folks, play politics of intelligence, not politics of loud mouth and character assassinations.

“I am sorry for the lengthiness of this piece. I am not even half way done but I had to stop myself against the dictates of my mind. I hope that Republicreporters will be objective enough to publish my position as another view point on the same subject matter..’, he said.

Ezeana Igirigi Achusim reacting said, “For reinforcement purposes, and to his advantage, it is very simple to just report that he was the CEO of UAC from 1974 to present. You see, that is one way to debunk any suggestions that he touched our treasury. I don’t know how else to say it. If he worked anywhere let who no know to know. Otherwise people will believe that he has been living off the Nzillions he stacked away. IBB has not been helpful matters when he recently said that he knows what is in Buhari’s closet.

“This is getting interesting and educational by the minute. I am struggling to let Buhari use transparency as an effective tool. But his supporters are raising objections.

Mr. Adiele equally responded on allegations that Buhari was shooting Biafrans in Owere Sector. He called those allegations unfounded.

Read him, “…You must lack respect for the intelligence of your colleagues in the anti Buhari camp to have posed that question. General Buhari’s work history is an open book to all enlightened persons; your asking for it demeaned your colleagues on whose behalf you posed the question.

“Bear in mind, sir, that no Buhari’s supporters is in opposition to your not lending your support to him. All of us are questioning why it is necessary to lie against the man — what is the honor in so doing? Before reading the Irikefe report, as produced to us by pastor Joe’s link, the accountant in you was aware that it was an impossibility that such an amount ($2.8 billion) left Nigeria and ended up in Midland Bank, London. But you said nothing. If a Buharite said that Jonathan was once convicted of rape by a housing court, I would have jumped up and asserted its impossibility because housing courts do not try rape cases. How could you, an experienced and successful banker/accountant, not have lectured the Buhariphobes by saying exactly what the Midland Bank MD said — that a one shot movement of such a humongous amount would have destabilized the money market?

Again, if one accords you the right to mind your business, you now undermine that accord by buying into and repeating the Forest Gumpish fat lie that Buhari was executing war prisoners at Owere in 1969. Other than last week and on these forums, had you heard of that story anywhere? Upon reading about it, I placed a call to my father in Owere and asked for his confirmation. Well, he was a Biafran Major who fought at Abagan sector where he sustained some injuries, for which General Ojukwu personally signed his pass to return home for a week’s recuperation. He also fought at Owere sector and should know what took place there better than an Ugba Junction water bottle carrying kid. To the best of Dad’s recollection, any Biafran prisoners taken by Nigeria were spirited into Nigeria, possibly to Lagos; he neither saw Buhari nor saw any executed prisoners of war.

“I believe my father and will believe him to my grave; for that I pronounce that story a flat out lie. Please do not soil your prestige by repeating it. We all must be troubled that some of us are trying to trivialize Biafra by importing it into the politics of this age. Even though you were not in Biafra, the elderly in you should caution against that, for it injures the sacrifices put in by our fallen heroes.

“The war has been over for 44 years and we are playing politics of ideas in 2014. The expectation is that you support your candidate while I support mine. If you believe in your candidate, why must you fabricate lies against my candidate? That’s all that we ask and I do not believe that’s asking too much, Nnaanyi Acusim..,” he said.

Ezeana Igirigi Achusim didn’t walk away. He said that Buhari is unelectable at this time.

“This is getting interesting. The focus should now be on Okorocha, Ngige and Amaechi to be the standard bearer for APC. Buhari is unelectable. I did not say that. El Fufai said it.

Update later…

Beneath is the report by Muyiwa.

El Rufai: Buhari Should Stick To Facts By MUYIWA ADEKEYE, published in October 4, 2010

The attention of Mallam Nasir El-Rufai has been drawn to statements from Generals Muhammadu Buhari and Ibrahim Babangida purporting to be responses to the advice he gave both men to retire.

Since Babangida libelled whole generations of Nigerian youth as being unfit for leadership, age has become an issue in the coming elections. While it is true that neither youth nor age supplies wisdom on their own, it makes sense to ask those who have been recurring decimals in our country’s sorry history to leave the stage. That is all El-Rufai asked of these men who seem to think that their failure to do their best for Nigeria when they had the chance qualifies them for a return to office. Our people surely deserve better.

El-Rufai is amazed that General Buhari cannot debate this matter without scurrying to the gutter, making claims that are baseless and unsupported by any facts. Mallam El-Rufai’s tenure as FCT minister was a period of stellar performance in remaking our federal capital. Despite the difficult decisions that had to be taken to restore Abuja, Mallam El-Rufai continues to receive deserved praise and recognition for his achievements in restoring the Abuja master plan, introducing Nigeria’s first computerised land registry and helping thousands of Nigerians achieve their dreams of home ownership in the federal capital. Buhari is perhaps one of a tiny few blinded by their prejudice from recognising the quality of El Rufai’s service.

That same prejudice accounts for the baseless claims of corruption Buhari levels against El Rufai. The fact is that Mallam El-Rufai served Nigeria with integrity and has never been convicted of any corrupt act. He is boldly contesting the false charges which the Yar’Adua government filed against him in court. It is strange that a Buhari who protests when unproven claims of N2.5 billion (about US $3billion in those days!) missing oil funds are levelled against him can gleefully elevate similar claims into facts when it concerns another. How would Buhari feel if the corruption allegations made against him by Group Captain Usman Jibrin, then a board member of PTF, are today reported as if they were proven facts? So much for “corrupt background” and “shoddy performance”.

Mallam El-Rufai wishes to remind General Buhari that he has remained perpetually unelectable because his record as military head of state, and afterwards, is a warning that many Nigerians have wisely heeded. His insensitivity to Nigeria’s diversity and his parochial focus are already well-known. In 1984, Buhari allowed 53 suitcases belonging to his ADC’s father to enter Nigeria unchecked at a time the country was exchanging old currency for new. Against all canons of legal decency, he used retroactive laws to execute three young men for drug-peddling after they were convicted by a military tribunal and not regular courts of law. Buhari was so high handed that he gave himself and his officials immunity even from truthful reporting. That obnoxious Decree 4, against which truth was no defence, was used to jail journalists and attempt to cow the media as a whole. That tyrannical legislation shows the essence of his intolerance. These are facts of recent history.

The story of counter-trade and import licensing, the cornerstone of Buhari’s stone-age economic strategy and those whose interests it served, is a tale for another day.

Mallam El-Rufai respects both Generals Buhari and Babangida as elder statesmen. He believes their age, experience and guidance may contribute to the success of any future government. El-Rufai however believes that it is time for a new generation of leaders with new thinking and wholesome democratic attitude to move our nation forward. The vicious response by the Buhari camp to a simple statement that their almost-70 principal should retire is proof enough that a Buhari, the new Democrat, tolerant of views different from his own, is yet to evolve. And that is sad, for his fledgling party and its leadership. Buhari and his cohorts may wish to reflect that it will take more than attacks on personalities to become electable. Having seen his version of discipline, Nigerians are not likely to cherish an encore. But they will welcome an engagement with the issues and problems of everyday life that have hobbled the peoples of this land.

Update later…

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