Update: 2015: Choosing between “Two Devils”-Jonathan And Buhari,”corruption personified And Islamic-Bigot”; do you really have a choice in 2015?

Update: 2015: Choosing between “Two Devils”-Jonathan And Buhari,”corruption personified And Islamic-Bigot”; do you really have a choice in 2015? New York[RR]Abuja–Update: 2015: Choosing between “Two Devils”-Jonathan And Buhari,”corruption personified And Islamic-Bigot”; do you really have a choice in 2015?. President Goodluck Jonathan’s led Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, administration openly said that “what some critics called […]


Update: 2015: Choosing between “Two Devils”-Jonathan And Buhari,”corruption personified And Islamic-Bigot”; do you really have a choice in 2015?

New York[RR]Abuja–Update: 2015: Choosing between “Two Devils”-Jonathan And Buhari,”corruption personified And Islamic-Bigot”; do you really have a choice in 2015?. President Goodluck Jonathan’s led Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, administration openly said that “what some critics called corruption is not really corruption’, compared to corruption elsewhere, investigations show. Jonathan had said in his recent presidential media chat:

“There is no corruption but mere stealing in Nigeria”, he told his listeners/audience. According to English Dictionary, “Stealing “simply means to take something that belongs to someone else illegally or without the owner’s permission”. While “corruption refers to dishonest exploitation of power for personal gain”. Its pertinent to state that both words had many definitions but I took the first of each definitions. We can all agree that they are similarity but HUGE difference exist between both. Semantics or Nomenclature we have gotten what we wanted..”, certain Jonathan sympathizer alluded.

ABC’s Robin Roberts, attacked Federal government of Nigeria over corruption. Her words: “They have squandered their oil wealth, they have allowed corruption to fester and now they are losing control of parts of their territory because they wouldn’t make hard choices”, she said.

Hold off on, “”There Is No Corruption But Mere Stealing In Nigeria”, for a moment. Lets look at the Fulani-man, Mohammadu Buhari.

For record, the ex-military dictator, and recognizable All Progressive Congress,APC,General Mohammadu Buhari had in 2001 addressing Supreme Council of Sharia Law in Kaduna that, “That spreading Sharia law across the country is a religious duty”, ordered by “Allah”, Guardian reported in 2001.

His words, “Sharia should be introduced in full across Nigeria…I will continue to show openly and inside me the total commitment to the Sharia movement that is sweeping all over Nigeria…God willing, we will not stop the agitation for the total implementation of the Sharia in the country…It is a legal responsibility which God has given us, within the context of one Nigeria, to continue to uphold the practice of Sharia wholeheartedly and to educate non-Muslims that they have nothing to fear…What remains for Muslims in Nigeria is for them to redouble their efforts, educate Muslims on the need to promote the full implementation of Sharia law.” – Former Military Head of State, Gen. (Rtd) Muhammadu Buhari, speaking in Kaduna at a seminar organized by the Supreme Council of Sharia in Nigeria, August 2001.

The question now is, do citizens of so-called Nigeria have a choice here, to choose their president and other officers in 2015?

Commentator, Izuchukwu B. Ihemelu, accused APC, agent, Joe Igbokwe, as heating the body polity using distraction tactic.
His words: “Stop this unnecessary heating up of the polity. This is an intentional and calculated plan to divert the people’s attention away from the havoc which your APC military wing, the Boko Haram is wrecking in some Northern states. Mind you, as rightly mentioned, the roads in question fall under the Federal Government jurisdiction therefore it is wrong to question their right over those roads and also the right to provide security to motorists that use them. Honestly, it would be pleasing to see you or any other stakeholder of APC to take the pain to raise issue against Boko Haram like you have done against Federal Government for deploying SURE-P Federal task force on Federal roads in Lagos State. Finally, it is pertinent you stop shouting wolf when there is absolutely no reason to do so..”, he said.

According to Femi Aribisala, in a piece titled:”Nigerian Politicians are Thieves, But They are Not Corrupt”, published in Vanguard, July 22, 2014, read in part:
“..Since Mr. President educated us that corruption is different from stealing, other eminent Nigerians have also found it necessary to make similar Orwellian clarifications towards the obfuscation of the truth. Here are some examples of this peculiarly Nigerian “doublethink.”

“PDP governors are thieves but APC governors are corrupt.”

“Murtala Nyako was not impeached as governor of Adamawa State during the many years he was in the PDP. He was only impeached after he decamped to the APC. This shows a critical difference between the PDP and the APC. While PDP governors are thieves, they are not corrupt. However, APC governors are not thieves, but they are steeped in corruption. Stealing is accepted as our national pastime in Nigeria, but corruption will not be tolerated by the Jonathan Administration. PDP governors pocket government money, but they are not corrupt because they make sure it is shared with their colleagues in the legislature.

“…when PDP governors decamp to the APC, they become corrupt. They become selfish and do not allow stolen money to go round. This breeds corruption. This explains why the government does not have any problem with them while they are still in the PDP. In the PDP, it is understood that politicians steal for the good of the public. But in the APC, politicians steal for the good of their families and their party. This is unacceptable. Therefore, any PDP governor that decamps to the APC must be impeached.

Adding that, “Rabiu Kwankwaso was a very good and upright public-servant as PDP Governor of Kano. But after he switched to the APC, he became negatively transformed. Accordingly, President Jonathan was quick to inform Nigerians that the governor corruptly enriched himself with public funds. This is what happens when politicians move from the PDP to the APC. They become corrupt and are then handed over to the EFCC. But if they are smart and quickly return to the PDP, their EFCC file is promptly closed.

“Stealing public funds is a sign of progressive politics.”
APC is a progressive party. Therefore, when APC governors steal public funds; this must be seen in the context of progressive politics. APC governors steal money for the sake of building physical infrastructures; while PDP governors steal money for the sake of “stomach infrastructures.” It is well-understood in Nigeria that building physical infrastructures is definitely more progressive than PDP’s “amala politics.”

Many of the roads, schools and other dividends of democracy evident in APC states were done with stolen money. The progressive element in this process is that money stolen from one state is sometimes transferred to another state in the interest of the redistribution of resources. Moreover, a lot of the stolen money is used to build party structures and to fight elections. This is progressive because if it is not done, Nigeria might end up as a one-party state, and no right-thinking person who is concerned about the enthronement of democracy in Nigeria would like that to happen.

Bearing this in mind, it then becomes clear that, although Murtala Nyako was impeached as Governor of Adamawa State on the grounds that he corruptly enriched himself with government funds, this does not in any way diminish his APC credentials. Nyako belongs to the new breed of APC progressives who engage in the in the redistribution of the resources in their states. This offended the PDP who don’t have the interests of the people at heart.

“Democracy does not entail voting in elections.”

“Nigerians should be made to understand that the fact that we have a democratic system does not mean the people should be allowed to vote. Because the generality of Nigerians are considered by our intelligent politicians to be stupid and foolish, they cannot be expected to vote for the right candidates. That means we need to rely on enlightened godfathers to “select democratically” our public officials for us. We also need to ensure that while people may be allowed to cast their votes in elections, their votes must not be allowed to count.

“For there to be true and effective democracy, elections must be judiciously rigged. Otherwise, we might end up with the kind of thing that happened recently in Ekiti where, with soldiers and policemen protecting the right of the people to vote, they voted out the erudite governor, Kayode Fayemi, and voted in Ayo Fayose. This kind of aberration needs to be discouraged in true democracies.

Read full text beneath:

Buhari:”I am Not A Religious Zealot, What Do Nigerians Want Me To Do?”,”Curiously His 2001 remarks On Sharia Law In Nigeria Betrayed Him..”–Republic Reporters

Buhari:”I am Not A Religious Zealot, What Do Nigerians Want Me To Do?”,”Curiously His 2001 remarks On Sharia Law In Nigeria Betrayed Him..”–Republic Reporters New York[RR] Abuja–Buhari:”I am Not A Religious Zealot, What Do Nigerians Want Me To Do?”,”Curiously His 2001 remarks On Sharia Law In Nigeria Betrayed Him..”–Republic Reporters. Buhari in an interview with […]

Buhari:”I am Not A Religious Zealot, What Do Nigerians Want Me To Do?”,”Curiously His 2001 remarks On Sharia Law In Nigeria Betrayed Him..”–Republic Reporters

New York[RR] Abuja–Buhari:”I am Not A Religious Zealot, What Do Nigerians Want Me To Do?”,”Curiously His 2001 remarks On Sharia Law In Nigeria Betrayed Him..”–Republic Reporters. Buhari in an interview with TheCable said that, ‘I am Not A Muslim Zealot, What Do Nigerians Want Me To Do?”,”Curiously Memory Lane Says Otherwise”–Republic Reporters. Former military dictator, Gen. Mohammadu Buhari in an interview said that, he is not a religious fundamentalist as many section of Nigerian society perception seems to say, Republic Reporters investigations show.

He added,“In 2003, I chose Chuba Okadigbo as my running mate. He was a Roman Catholic. He was an Igbo. In 2007, I picked Edwin Ume-Ezeoke. He was a Roman Catholic. He was an Igbo. And in 2010, I chose even a pastor. Pastor Tunde Bakare.

Curiously, though, former military dictator,General Mohammmadu Buhari said, this in 2001 that:
“Sharia should be introduced in full across Nigeria…I will continue to show openly and inside me the total commitment to the Sharia movement that is sweeping all over Nigeria…God willing, we will not stop the agitation for the total implementation of the Sharia in the country…It is a legal responsibility which God has given us, within the context of one Nigeria, to continue to uphold the practice of Sharia wholeheartedly and to educate non-Muslims that they have nothing to fear…What remains for Muslims in Nigeria is for them to redouble their efforts, educate Muslims on the need to promote the full implementation of Sharia law.” – Former Military Head of State, Gen. (Rtd) Muhammadu Buhari, speaking in Kaduna at a seminar organized by the Supreme Council of Sharia in Nigeria, August 2001

Suddenly investigations show the same Buhari is not crying, that he doesn’t know what Nigerians want him to do.
“Honestly, what do Nigerians want me to do? If they don’t believe I’m not a fundamentalist, what else can I do?”

The retired General who said he is keeping an open mind about the possibility of picking a Muslim as his running mate if he emerges the flagbearer of his party said This new phenomenon of religion is another blackmail political confusionists in Nigeria are bringing to the fore.”

“I have not absolutely closed my mind to picking a Christian or Muslim as running mate if I get the ticket. Because I firmly believe that Nigerians, having gone through what they have gone through, realise it is not a matter of religion, but a matter of Nigeria.

“And the main religions, Christianity and Islam, they know and they believe in the almighty God. The question of stealing and short-changing people in the name of religion should stop,” he said.

He likened his situation to that of Moshood Abiola, a southern Muslim, who picked Babagana Kingibe, a northern Muslim, as running mate in the 1993 presidential election. The Muslim-Muslim ticket went on to win an election that is still considered by many as the most credible in Nigeria’s history.

“That is not the issue,” protested the Senator, “they want to be able to vote for me themselves.” But the electoral officer refused to be persuaded. “Then Senator, they must be traitors,” he declared. “If they are still complaining, even though you won the election, it means they were not planning to vote for you. We cannot allow that to happen.”

“Belonging to the APC does not mean you are not a member of the PDP.”

“There are many PDP men in APC clothing and many APC men in PDP agbada. One such example is His Royal Highness, the Turaki of Adamawa. The Turaki was in the PDP, and then he was not. Then he was in the PDP again and now he is not. The Turaki is something of an invisible man: now you see him in the APC, then you see him in the PDP.

“Although he is currently masquerading as an APC member, there is no doubt that HRH reserves the right to resurrect any time in the future as a member of the PDP again. In the same way that some people have dual nationality, so also the Turaki has more than dual party memberships. His right to this is guaranteed under the Freedom of Association clause in the Nigerian Constitution.

“This insurance policy is necessary given his nationalist presidential ambitions. If he is not chosen as APC presidential candidate later this year, and if APC loses the 2015 presidential election, the Turaki can be expected to throw away his APC membership card and become a staunch PDP man once again. Nigerian political parties don’t bear grudges. They accept prodigal sons back home, even those as compulsively prodigal as the Turaki.

Is Aminu Tambuwal, the Speaker of the House of Representatives, a PDP man or an APC man? Nobody seems to know. It is even possible that the Speaker himself might not be able to answer the question with any degree of certainty. Currently, Tambuwal sits on the PDP side of the aisle. He occupies a position reserved for the majority PDP party. However, to all intents and purposes, he is also an APC man.

“Having a doctorate does not mean you are educated.”

“There are now so many doctors in Nigeria. Many of these are doctors of ignorance. Time was when having a doctorate signified you have attained the height of academic excellence. Not any more in Nigeria. Doctorates are now bought and sold in flea-markets. Just give a few million stolen naira to any of the “jekuredi” universities and they will readily award you a Doctor of Philosophy in a field of your choosing.

“If you don’t have stolen money to throw around; don’t let that deter you. Just award the degree to yourself. How do you think the late Sikiru Ayinde Barrister obtained his doctorate?

Finally, he said, “Ekiti state is said to have the largest concentration of doctorates in the country. But you can tell that this does not mean they are educated because they voted for Fayose instead of Fayemi. That should tell you how uneducated they really are.

Read full text beneath:

Buhari: We need to stabilize the system. And the beauty of democracy is competition. I honestly welcome the competition. I have tried to be elected president three times and I failed three times, and I ended up in the Supreme Court three times. I try to explain to those who are interested why I have been ending up in the Supreme Court. Not because I was hoping that the court would change the decision of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) announcing that it was the PDP that won, but I wanted to get it on the record that when we are trying to stabilize this system, these are part of the difficulties. We provided evidences at the tribunals. There are people who try really to see that the system stabilizes, to make sure it reaches credible and international standards. That is a role I have been trying to play all along.

TheCable: So what qualities stand you out from other candidates?

Buhari: That is an unfair question. I would not like to blow my own trumpet. But I think Nigerians are the judges. The only thing I would say is that I have been a governor. To begin with my career as a military man, from lieutenant colonel, that is one pip, in charge of 36 people, to a general commanding a division… I am proud to say that I am the only officer in the Nigeria army that commanded three out of the four divisions then in the Nigeria army: the second division in Ibadan, the third armoured division in Jos and the fourth division in Lagos, which was moved to Enugu and renamed 82 division. I commanded three divisions out of the four. And then I became command-in-chief, as short as it was, for 20 months.

And politically, I was governor of the northeast, which is now six states, comprising Yobe, Borno, Adamawa, Gombe, Bauchi and Taraba. From there, when Gen. Murtala Muhammed was assassinated [in 1976], and there were additional states in the country and I was moved to Lagos, I was sworn in as member of the Supreme Military Council under Obasanjo’s government and then made federal commissioner of petroleum and chairman of the Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC). And from there I went to the War College in the US, came back and became head of state. And I ended up in jail for three and a quarter years (general laughter). After that, I went home and I decided to join partisan politics in April 2002. So anything a Nigerian politician wants to be, I have been, although in khaki. So I have been attempting since 2003 to go back in civil dress and play partisan politics.

TheCable: A lot of people are saying the problems of Nigeria are so many now, more than what you met in 1983 as military head of state. If you were elected president, what would you do differently from President Jonathan on power supply, for instance? How can we tackle this problem?

Buhari: It cannot be done overnight. The hearings conducted by the National Assembly on NEPA or Power Holding Company of Nigeria, of blessed memory, pension fund and petroleum industry show the extreme mismanagement of what Nigeria stands for… because if you remove petroleum industry, if you remove the organisation of pension funds and power, Nigeria will collapse. I refer you to my declaration that in 1999 when the PDP came, power generation was hovering between 3,000 and 4,000 megawatts. It is now hovering between that number again after $20 billion had been spent. This is what the hearings exposed. And nobody has been punished.

What happened to the $20 billion? What happened to pension funds? What happened to another $20 billion exposed by a former governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria [Lamido Sanusi]? All these things the PDP governments between 1999 and now have not been able to explain to Nigerians. And the remarkable thing about Nigeria is that: because having been a minister, governor and head of state, you do not go to any parastatal or any ministry without meeting financial instructions and administrative instructions, but Nigerians have the audacity at each level to cast that away and keep doing what they like. And no one is being punished.

Buhari says he will support whoever gets APC ticket if he doesn’t get it
TheCable: Would you like to dig up the report before we move forward?

Buhari: If you try to do that, the state will immediately collapse because a lot of the institutions have been compromised. With whom are you going to work? My own belief now is that you just have to draw a line and move forward. But since cases are in the court no matter what, you have to allow the judiciary to do its job. We can hurry them up a bit, but we must allow the judiciary because it is not a profession you can take over their duties. It is the third arm of government. We can come as the military as we did and remove some parts of the constitution, but most of the constitution have to remain and again it is the judiciary that will have to interpret what remains.

But in a democratic setting, you cannot do what the National Assembly and the Judiciary are empowered by law to do. It is impossible. And look again, when our soldiers started giving interviews to the foreign press that they were being sent to the war front [against Boko Haram] with obsolete weapons, the National Assembly attempted to call the service chiefs and show them the budgets they have been approving over the years for arms and ammunition and for military hardware and software. Where is the money? Have you heard of the hearing again?

TheCable: What do you think they are doing wrong in the power sector?

Buhari: If you could recall, after 1983 elections, NEPA virtually collapsed. But when we came in 1984-1985, we had the late Lukman, an engineer. He was in Plateau when I was working as GOC 2 Armoured Division. I got to know him. He was an extremely truly hardworking engineer of great integrity. I put him in charge of NEPA. If you could recall, I did the tour of NEPA installations and some industries. And we ordered some spare parts mostly of the thermal station and we were using the military C130 aircraft to bring spare parts.

By the time we were removed in August 1985, blackout in Lagos had been forgotten because the thermal station had been made functional. Lagos was the home of industries. Industries were given priority because of employment. If you close the factories, as they have done now, there will be no goods and services. Power is the most important thing for our sustained development. But unfortunately, the PDP government has failed to understand or accept that. Hence money, billions of dollars, goes down the drain.

If from 1999 till now, in my own perception, Kainji, Jebba, Shiroro had been repaired and brought to optimal usage, and we do the thermal stations… it is a question of changing spare parts because the gas is there. The studies of Nigerian petroleum, the studies of 1970s when I became minister of petroleum, showed that Nigeria was a petroleum country in name; mostly it is a gas country. In the east of the Niger, the gas reserve there was fantastic. That was why LNG project was initiated. You cannot initiate LNG except you have a 30-year reserve to back you up. But this means nothing to the PDP government. It is not a priority. That’s why we find ourselves where we are.

TheCable: What’s your position on petroleum industry bill?

Buhari: I know the PIB is a non-issue as far as this government is concerned. So I am telling you practical things that will transform the economy [beyond the PIB]. I will tell you one thing about industries. The Nigerian textile firms in Ikeja, Aba, Kaduna, Kano, they used to employ over 300,000 Nigerians in the 1980s. Now they employ less than 30,000. A serious government would get worried if over 250,000 in one industry are put out of job. Because behind every Nigerian worker are five dependants. This is my problem with PDP government. Unseriousness. That is the textile industry alone.

TheCable: Part of the key recommendations in the PIB is deregulation that will lead to the removal of petrol subsidy. Removal of subsidy is sensitive issue. How do you hope to handle that if you are elected president?

Buhari: When we came into power, technically in December 1983 but we started in 1984, I had been part of Obasanjo’s government in petroleum. Nigeria handed over to the second republic government a relatively physically-secure and economically-safe country. I can’t recall exactly how much foreign reserve we had, but there was physical security and the economy was good. That is what the military handed over to the second republic.

By the time the military came back and I happened to be the head of state, if anybody told you that he knew how much Nigeria was owing, it was a lie. So we had two committees, one international and the other local, to find out the debt Nigeria had accumulated over those years and how. This report has never seen the daylight because up to the time we were removed, it was not brought to us. But when it was eventually brought, by which time I was safely under lock and key, nobody could do anything about it.

Secondly the American president then, Ronald Reagan, sent his friend, General Walters, to me saying we should accept the IMF programme. What was the IMF programme then? World Bank and IMF wanted us to remove the so-called petroleum subsidy, to devalue the naira, to remove the subsidy on flour, as they perceived it. But what we knew was that in some of the states, workers were being owed nine months salaries. I was in Plateau state and I saw the so-called progressive governors crisscrossing this country almost every other month, making a lot of noise when the ordinary worker was not being paid.

I told Walters we were not going to devalue the naira; we were not going to remove any subsidy. And if you recall by the time we were removed, one naira was equal to 1.2 or 1.5 dollars. The naira was run down to N80 to a dollar by General Babangida’s regime. I refused to remove the so-called petroleum subsidy. I said I had been in the petroleum industry for three and a quarter years. I signed the contracts for Warri and Kaduna refineries. I signed the contract for more than 20 depots, from Makurdi to Ilorin to Gusau to Kano to Maiduguri. And then pipes were laid over 3,200 kilometres. Nigeria didn’t borrow a kobo.

I can understand Nigerians being charged the cost of petroleum if you can work it out… because we know how Nigerian crude costs per barrel from the world market, the transportation cost to the refinery, the money for refining and then the transportation to the filling station. I agree Nigerians should pay for that to sustain the industry.

But for someone to say they are subsidising, who is subsidising who? This industry, the prospecting and development, were paid for by the Nigerian people. We spent money to discover the oil. Who then is subsidising who? To come and kill Nigerians, you know, to put that amount of burden on them when their salary is hardly enough for them to eat, pay for their bill of their healthcare, and education of their children. Who are you subsidising? It is Nigerian petrol, it is Nigerian capital that was used to mine it, it is Nigerians doing most of the work, so who are you subsidising? Subsidy for what?

And even then, if you go and interview Tam David-West, when I came back as head of state, and we stopped [illegal] bunkering, Nigeria was choked with product. We were exporting 100,000 barrels per day of refined products because Warri, Kaduna, Port Harcourt alone was doing 250,000 a day, the old refinery and the new one built… and we found out Nigeria was normally consuming about 300,000 barrels a day. All the people that were doing the [illegal] bunkering abandoned their jetties, their barges, because they knew who were sending them to jail or beyond. But now, Nigeria goes to world market and buys petrol as much as any other person does with all the infrastructure in place. That is how efficient the PDP government is (laughter). Click for the rest

He also made reference to the 1961 northern house of assembly election, when Ibrahim Imam, a Kanuri Muslim from Borno, won an election to represent Tivland, a Catholic domain in the middle belt, after being sponsored by Joseph Tarka, the leading Tiv politician then.

He said religion cannot be an issue if he wins APC’s ticket and goes ahead to win the presidential election, because of the background of many political leaders from the south-west. The wives of Bola Tinubu, APC national leader; Oyo governor, Abiola Ajimobi; Lagos governor, Babatunde Fashola; Ogun governor, Ibikunle Amosun; and former APC interim chairman, Bisi Akande, are all Christians, Buhari pointed out. “For goodness sake, the children of these political leaders were bred and brought up by Christian mothers. You think those people, wherever they participate, they will bring a religious issue? What kind of people are we? Nigerians will always bring something to cause confusion while we are trying to stabilise the system,” he said.

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Credit; TheCable

More on Buhari beneath:
GMB: Our Hercules By Chiechefulam Ikebuiro

“Any system is only as good as the quality of humanity that runs it”-Professor Wole Soyinka

An Augean stable according to the Webster dictionary, is a place filled with great accumulation of filth or corruption.
This definition is actually gotten from the Greek mythology, Augeas. Augeas had the single greatest herd of cattle in the country but had a problem. His problem was that the stables where he kept the cattle had never been cleaned. His neglect was so great that even the land surrounding them had been unfertilized for many years, due to the unused manure which lay within the compound.

In came Hercules who believed he could clean up the stables. Thinking it would be totally impossible, Augeas promised Hercules a tenth of his cattle if the huge task was finished in a single day. Hercules accepted Augeas’ challenge and set about working out a plan in to do the job in a thorough way. The next day Hercules started his formidable labour with his strength and brain. He diverted river Alpheus through the stables which in turns cascaded into the fields below, giving the soil life after being deprived manure for many years. Viola, Hercules had done the impossible-Augeas stable was clean as a whistle!

Nigeria today, I am afraid, is like Augeas’ stable, with all hope (almost) lost and we are in serious need of our Hercules.

I was having a discussion months back with a very good friend of mine, when I asked him if he thought anybody could make Nigeria better. His flat answer was NO.I asked why and his simple answer was that the Nigerian ‘system’ is irredeemable. He went on to talk about how there was more to Nigeria’s system than meets the eye. The ‘system’, according to my friend is bigger than anybody and cannot go down like that. I pressed further by asking if he thought no single person in a population of over 160million was capable of fighting the ‘system’. He paused for a while, maybe Buhari, came the reply, albeit skeptically. He would like to see Buhari-”the last hope” so to speak-, at the helm so as to show (me) Nigeria is not redeemable. He thinks the ‘system’ will swallow Buhari too.

There are so many people out there who have lost hope in Nigeria and this exasperates me to say the least. In the midst of plenty, Nigeria has no business being where she is today. To many Nigerians, the country is irredeemable and at the soul of this lost hope is corruption. See, there is no disputing the fact that corruption accounts for almost 100% of why Nigeria is where she is today. Take away corruption and regular power supply won’t be a myth…

Take away corruption and you will see our hospitals compete with the best there is worldwide. Take away corruption and see unemployment tackled to almost a standstill and people like Abba Moro won’t have to kill thousands of Nigerians in the name of Job recruitment. Take away corruption and people won’t have to die avoidable deaths on our roads. Take away corruption and you wouldn’t be buying kerosene at 160/litre-a commodity you are told is subsidized. I’ld need you to come up with the rest as I feel I am already sounding like a broken record.

Nigeria has been managed over the years by deceitful, untrustworthy and negligent leaders (except for one or two) just like Augeas. They have never done anything in the interest of the people. One side enjoys it all while the other feels the pain. It is almost like sadomasochism.

The Nigerian system is filled with so much filth. There is so much public money being controlled and consumed by just a few and we need someone to clean this mess urgently. That person methinks is General Muhammed Buhari.

I know some guns and goons will come out blazing, but I dare say even those who oppose this man openly, admire him in their closet.

Now I have heard so many arguments about Nigeria needing a younger man at the helm. I tell you something for free-This is so true! Is GMB the only one who can make for the change we seek? Hell No! There are so many bright young brains with lofty ideas fighting for space in their heads.

So Why Buhari and what does he want at this age? While I do not disagree that Nigeria needs a younger person (who knows his onion) at the helm, it is worthwhile to note that the very corrupt Nigerian system actually goes beyond government. There are those who are outside government, who have held successive governments by the balls (the subsidy palaver of 2012 comes to mind). These same guys are still around and will be around when the younger man comes. My question now is, will this younger man not buckle when these guys come out guns blazing, squeezing the hell out of his balls? It will be the 8th wonder of the world if he does not. Brethren, the stench out of this stable is choking!

GMB, has seen it all. He has nothing to lose. To those who ask what GMB still wants, I say a better Nigeria where he can retire peacefully in. A Nigeria where you, me and generations to come can be proud of. In GMB we have zero tolerance for corruption. Who still remembers Farouk Lawan gate? Would that have been buried under GMB? Well, I think not. Who still remembers the 20billion dollars missing oil money? Would it be swept under the carpet under GMB? I think not. Do you think Abba Moro will still be at the helm of the ministry of interior after the murder session as well as robbery that were organized in the name of tests under GMB? Again, I think not. On why the elite are scared of him in a recent interview his answer was ”they know why” and I think we all know why too.

This is someone who is not so intent on materialism, in sharp contrast to what we have today. I understand he does not have a house in Abuja. How is that even possible in Nigeria? Do you know that Prof Tam David West, the petroleum minister under GMB has not had his house painted after all these years? Compare that to the lifestyle of those who have held the same portfolio since then.

GMB comes across as someone who won’t surround himself with unscrupulous elements if elected.
Your body language encourages your subordinates to act as they like. Act like you tolerate corruption and see them loot the treasury dry. Hear GMB speak and you will be convinced he means well for Nigeria. You will be convinced that corruption will not thrive under him. Something tells me he wants nothing more than to get us out of this mess we are in. Nigeria needs a stable mind to steer this ship. Nigeria needs an aficionado.

Have we not had enough? Are we loving the status quo? It is time to put aside tribal and religious sentiments if we want a better Nigeria. Can we please consider the future and generation unborn? Can we look at the bigger picture? Can we please pay no attention to people who will come tell you GMB is on a mission to turn Nigeria to an Islamic state? I wonder why that was not done when he was at the helm with Tunde Idiagbon-both Muslims. Those that will come tell you he sponsors Boko Haram-the same Boko Haram that made an attempt on his life. These same people just say anything without facts to pull him down. They won’t tell you that most of his domestic staff are Christians.

Please, for the sake of God pay no attention to those who will rubbish Buhari’s achievements with PTF. They won’t tell you about the many road constructions as well as infrastructures that were put in place. They won’t tell you he encouraged internal revenue generation as well as indigenous developments; something that guaranteed protection of our foreign reserves. He wanted us to be self-reliant that exportation was highly encouraged .He did not believe that borrowing very heavily, even when presented on a platter was in the interest of Nigeria to the displeasure of the IMF and the west who thought they had the plan to running Nigeria perfectly. Today, we borrow at any opportunity. They won’t tell you that he reduced the cost of running government by reducing government expenditure and that foreign trip for government officials was suspended plus travelling allowance reduced. Today,the cost of running government in Nigeria is out of this world. You won’t hear them say civil service workforce was cut down by Buhari as majority of the workers who did not get there on merit lazied about and guess what, those who got retrenched were not just abandoned; they were made to #DoAgric. He stands for meritocracy and is considerate.

You can never hear them say inflation rate dropped MASSIVELY between 84 and 85and that our currency enjoyed some stability. My brother, I swear they won’t tell you that distribution depots and petroleum storage were set up during his regime. That Oil pipelines were laid throughout the country so crude could be transported to various depots. They will be silent on the fact that construction contract was signed for the Warri and Kaduna refineries as well as partnership agreement with the two operating companies for production of liquefied natural gas.

These same people who will rather tell you unverifiable and trivial lies about GMB are those same people who are scared of Buhari. They have run out of ideas as regards how to pull him down. These are the same people that feed off the sufferings of you and I, and have no intentions of stopping soon, hence the propaganda to stop GMB at all cost. Truly they know what he can do, and whatever he will do will impede their modus operadi-stealing you blind. Simply put, Buhari’s coming will take (ill gotten) food out of their tables.

Nigeria needs someone to clean this Augean stable just like Hercules cleaned Augeas’ stable. Nigeria needs a GMB to clean up the mess for four years (yes four years is enough to clean up the rot), then we can allow a younger sound mind take over a clean state.

Will GMB seek another term after the four years? My hunch is that he won’t after giving us a new beginning.

Now, I may never meet Buhari in my life time, all I just care about is a better Nigeria -A Nigeria where I can live in peace and be proud of .A Nigeria that will provide me and generation unborn , the basic necessities of life. Continuing like this is not an option for me anymore!

We can NEVER have a revolution in this country as Nigerians love life like crazy, and since we cannot have that, can we at least vote in somebody who can clean this Augean stable?

I pray the APC does the needful.

Credit: Vanguard, Chiechefulam Ikebuiro, Mohammadu Buhari, Goodluck Jonathan

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