Adeyinka: The Igbo Have No Human Capital & Oil Wealth: All They Bring into Lagos Are Organized Crime, Illegal Drugs & Inferior Imported Goods–Says Adeyinka Grandson of YYF

Adeyinka: The Igbo Have No Human Capital & Oil Wealth: All They Bring into Lagos Are Organized Crime, Illegal Drugs & Inferior Imported Goods–Says Adeyinka Grandson of YYF New York[RR]Lagos-Abuja–This provocative video is just one of the series produced in recent times by a Yoruba irredentist youth group which calls itself the Young Youba for […]


Adeyinka: The Igbo Have No Human Capital & Oil Wealth: All They Bring into Lagos Are Organized Crime, Illegal Drugs & Inferior Imported Goods–Says Adeyinka Grandson of YYF

New York[RR]Lagos-Abuja–This provocative video is just one of the series produced in recent times by a Yoruba irredentist youth group which calls itself the Young Youba for Freedom (YYF). The video is targeted at slamming the Igbo ethnic nationality in general, and the President-General of Ohanaeze Ndiigbo, in particular. Apparently, the YYF spokesperson, Adeyinka Grandson, was responding to a public statement purportedly made by Chief Nnia Nwodo which claimed that the Igbo business elite corps own as much as 40% of the real estate property development in the Lagos metropolis. The YYF dismisses the Ohanaeze boss’ assertion as totally false. The spokesperson asserts that whatever the Igbo may have acquired in Lagos, which is claimed to be a bona fide Yoruba ancestral land, were obtained through their engagement in organized crime, peddling of illegal drugs and flooding of Yoruba land with inferior imported goods.

The Yoruba youth leader is of the opinion that Ndiigbo first arrived Lagos severely impoverished and of course, empty-handed. Since the Igbo ethnic nationality from the East lacks human capital, due to lack of education, and investment funds because they have no oil wealth, they “emigrate” into the seaport of Lagos empty-handed. The only option left for the upstart Igbo Lagosians is for them to form criminal gangs to rob, rape and peddle illegal drugs among the hardworking majority Yoruba population who demographically dominate the commercial metropolis. He posits that the typical Igbo youngster would shun formal education in preference for getting into an apprenticeship to serve fellow Igbo traders of cheap imported goods that flood the seaport and elsewhere in Yoruba land. While the Igbo youths would take 16 years of their young lives to learn the retail trade in imported consumer goods, their Yoruba counterparts spend the same length of time acquiring formal education by going through primary, secondary and tertiary institutions of learning. The Yoruba produce the lawyers, engineers, scientists and economists to serve Lagos and elsewhere nationwide. But the Igbo are innately incapable of contributing anything because their youths shun formal education and instead embrace trade apprenticeship, organized crime and drug trafficking with passion.

The YYF Adeyinka Grandson went to a great extent to reference the British immigration policies for handling potential visitors from some oil-producing Arab countries, China, India and Western Europe. Visa applicants to the UK from these countries are readily welcome because the visitors are expected to bring in and add new wealth and specialized valuable services leveraged from their home nations into the UK economy. The Igbo who prefer to migrate into Yoruba land, of which Lagos is part, supposedly have neither investment capital nor valuable services to bring into their host tribal nations’ space. These comparisons befuddle the mind since the Yoruba and Ndiigbo share the same unitary Nigerian geopolitical space. Rather than dissipate so much effort comparing apples and oranges, why does the Yoruba nation not restrict Igbo mass migration into Lagos and rest of Yoruba land by denying them entry visas, one might ask? If this cannot be done in unitary Nigeria, then the YYF comparisons are a waste of time and are thus inconsequential.

The YYF angst is not restricted to the Igbo. The Yoruba irredentist youth group also points accusing fingers at the Hausa and Fulani who are said to dominate Yoruba land politically. The seaports of Lagos, international airport and major business hubs are centrally controlled by the central government in Abuja which is dominated by the Hausa and Fulani. The Igbo, Hausa and Fulani are gratuitously lumped together as depraved immigrant usurpers and ungrateful guests of Yoruba land who would not only exploit the Yoruba wealth pool and hospitality but also often go further to badmouth their benevolent hosts to boot.

Perhaps, the most bothersome aspect of the YYF message is the public warning that the Yoruba youths’ group shall soon initiate violent attacks to kill the Igbo as the sure means to rid Yoruba land of the Igbo nuisance that abounds in all the nooks and crannies of Yoruba territorial space. The video ends on a dire warning that violent killings against the Igbo, in particular, and other nationalities who despoil Yoruba land at expense of the indigenes, in general, are imminent. The youth leader promises to adopt a more decisive methodology to cleanse Yoruba land of all undesirable Igbo “aliens” in the very near future with the sense of resolve that past generations could not muster.

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LNC-USA reaction:
Yoruba nationalism has always been present even before Nigerian Independence. But Oduduwaism has lost traction in the modern era because of decades of making the Yoruba to play second-fiddle to the Sokoto Caliphate hegemonic quest to dominate the Nigerian geopolitical space. The Yoruba willfully colluded with the Fulani-controlled Sokoto Caliphate in waging the bloody genocidal Civil War that entrenched unitary Nigeria in its aftermath. For playing the good boy, the Yoruba elite were conceded the totality of the vital niche which Ndiigbo had occupied in the country’s bureaucracy, industry and commerce before the Civil War. For two generations, the Yoruba were contented with playing the role of subservient enforcer for the Arewa North as long as the perpetual suppression or exclusion of the Igbo remains the end goal. Playing a decisive role in shuttering the Nigerian Eastern Economic Corridor (NEEC) during his first outing as Nigerian head of state has, for example, endeared General Olusegun Obasanjo to his Northern puppeteers. He was rewarded for this by making him the first president of the 4th Republic in 1999.

The Yoruba elite of today, who ought to be the lead drivers in fostering Yoruba nationalistic fervor, are the ones who have been made very comfortable by the discomfiture of Ndiigbo in the past 50 years. So, they routinely voice Yoruba nationalism with tongue in cheek. Yoruba youths are disgusted by the prevalent attitude of their parent’s generations as the props that sustain the unacceptable status quo in a unitary Nigeria that is totally dominated by the bumbling feudal aristocracy of the Arewa North. The Yoruba youths find it hard and counterintuitive to take on their parent’s generation whose largesse is responsible for the advantaged lifestyle they enjoy today. The logical outlet, therefore, is to seek an external enemy (real or imagined) and then to utilize that to rally the Yoruba nationalists. The thought of scapegoating the Igbo obviously sounds appetizing to some Yoruba youths, particularly the Yoruba Youths for Freedom (YFF). Lies about the Igbo, as shown in this video, were concocted just as a conduit for peddling Yoruba irredentism. This is clearly ill-advised.

The Igbo say that whoever eat the ram’s testis shall remain eternally indebted to hydrocele testis (ibi/swollen scrotum). The Yoruba leadership elite had willfully eaten the ram’s testes when they colluded with hegemons of unitary Nigeria to impoverish Ndiigbo in the post-war era through property seizure (Abandoned Properties Decree), seizure of financial assets (£20 saga), Indigenization of foreign-own concerns and of course, the total shuttering of the Nigerian Eastern Economic Corridor (NEEC) for the past half-century or longer. Coming to Lagos was never the first choice for Ndiigbo. We first sought access to the international maritime trade route via Port Harcourt in the post-war period. It was when this was denied through officialdom that the Igbo entrepreneurial lite read the handwriting on the wall and then made their move to Lagos and elsewhere around the country. The Igbo are a proud culture and shall do just fine when the principle of self-determination is universally adopted by all the constituents of Nigeria, including the Yoruba.

Credit: LNC, USA

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