Buhari’s Brainless: Not just, “West Germany” Gaffe, Buhari don’t remember Tinubu’s phone number & those of 51 Senators waiting at ICC, forgot his own phone Number, Imo State, as “Igbo State”,, et al

Buhari’s Brainless: Not just, “West Germany” Gaffe, Buhari don’t remember Tinubu’s phone number & those of 51 Senators waiting at ICC, forgot his own phone Number, Imo State, as “Igbo State”,, et al New York[RR]Abuja–Welcome to highly expected change in Nigeria political space. Hours ago, internet is abuzz with what commentators see as “West Germany”, […]


Buhari’s Brainless: Not just, “West Germany” Gaffe, Buhari don’t remember Tinubu’s phone number & those of 51 Senators waiting at ICC, forgot his own phone Number, Imo State, as “Igbo State”,, et al

New York[RR]Abuja–Welcome to highly expected change in Nigeria political space. Hours ago, internet is abuzz with what commentators see as “West Germany”, gaffe. Curiously, it has been documented that, President Buhari of Nigeria is not new with old-age, 73, leader. Republic Reporters investigations show that, this is memory lose, Mr. President is suffering from. It has been that in an interview recently Buhari speaking at a meeting of the Lake Chad Basin Commission on Thursday, June 11, allegedly referred to “the G7 meeting in West Germany” and “consultations with President Michelle.”

Multiple reports also indicated that Buhari’s Brainless, or brain-dead. Credible sources told Republic Reporters that Buhari who had called for a meeting at International Conference Center, ICC, of All Progressive Congress, APC, Senators elects, including AP
C, Chieftain, Ahmed Tinubu, were waiting for Buhari at ICC,where they watched Senator Saraki elected Senate President, and Before they, Tinubu, and other APC, Senators, and Representatives, could make it to National Assembly, NASS, Dogara, emerged Speaker of the House. Sources now said that, Buhari could neither remember Tinubu’s phone number, nor those of 51 Senators, who were waiting anxiously at ICC. During the electioneering campaign it was gathered too that Buhari could not remember his phone number.

Former President Jonathan during campaigns proceeding 2015 presidential elections asked: how could Buhari would develop the country’s economy, a feat he could not achieve while he was in office as head of state between 1983 and 1985.

“Is it now that Buhari cannot even remember his own phone number that he can change the economy of the country.” Jonathan added.
Jonathan added, ““We cannot run the government as if we are in the medieval age; we cannot run a government where somebody said he would throw people into jail.

“You are not a medieval king – a medieval king can throw you into jail but we have to follow the rule of law because we cannot go back to the old days.”

“They are telling young Nigerians that they are going to change the economy but they have not told us how they want to manage the economy more than us.

“If they say they want to change agriculture, they should tell us the weak links in the agriculture value chain and what they want to do about it.

“I said in Lagos that I want to work with young people, not to deceive people.

“I am not going to run the government based on my habits, I am going to run the government according to global best practices.”

Buhari’s memory lose, or brainlessness, is causing inter-party conflict. Tinubu two days ago attacked Buhari that even if he is not interested in second term, he should allow the APC, to remain intact.

His words: ““Despite the choice of National Assembly leaders being a mixture of party politics and legislative duty, the aloofness, or the perceived neutrality of the President allowed the ‘fight’ within APC to fester until it went of hand.”

He explained that the invitation of the APC lawmakers to the International Conference Centre, ICC, was said to be at the behest of the President; shockingly, the President did not show up.

“The bewildered 51 APC Senators, who were waiting endlessly for the President in ICC, watched the proceeding of the inaugural session from a nearby TV box.

“Before the 51 APC Senators could race down the five-kilometre stretch from ICC to the Assembly Complex, Saraki had emerged as an unopposed candidate.

“To add insult to injury, President Muhammadu Buhari neither showed up nor sent apology to the stranded Senators at the ICC.

“They were left at the mercy of troops from the Brigade of Guards, who had already been deployed in the centre ahead of the supposed arrival of the President.

“Unfortunately, there was no communication between his office and the 51 APC Senators who heeded his invitation.

“It was around 10.35am, we saw that the inaugural session was already on and Saraki had been elected. If we were to be defeated, it should have been done on the floor…’, Tinubu fumed.

According to “Many on Social media, especially Twitter, have however back-lashed him for such a costly error, revealed in a video posted on YouTube by This is not the first time President Buhari would be making major gaffe on television. He had during the campaign while granting an interview with an international media organization referred the All Progressive Congress, APC, as All Progressive Confidence. He had equally called his then running mate, Professor Yemi Osibande instead of Yemi Osibanjo. Buhari had also referred the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, as Independent Nigeria Electoral Commission. The recent blunder in Germany has caused outraged in what analyst described as a major “international embarrassment.

Buhari also called Imo State, “Igbo State”, and much more.

Read full text:

In defence ​of President Buhari​,​ a highly-placed source, said: “The President had actually made up his mind to be at the ICC but there were feelers that some associates and strategists prevailed on him not to dabble in the selection of the Assembly leadership because he will portray himself as an inconsistent leader having promised not to interfere in the internal affairs of the Legislature.

“Probably acting a pro-Saraki’s script, these associates/strategists made the President to realise that his last-minute intervention would amount to dancing to the tune of one man: Asiwaju Bola Tinubu.

“Even if President Buhari is not interested in a second term, he owes the APC a duty to keep the party intact.”

Tinubu therefore stressed that the coup in the National Assembly by PDP was a litmus test for Buhari’s leadership prowess.

“The President may need to assert himself by playing a fatherly role to reunite his political platform that is in tatters.

“When some leaders met with the President after the coup in the Senate, he was said to ‘be hollow’ without a solution to the crisis at hand. The time to act is now,” he emphasized.

The APC National leader berated Buhari for the refusal of the APC leadership to address the important index of power-sharing formula deprived its National Assembly members of the much-needed unity.

“If there had been an acceptable formula in place, the situation may not degenerate to this extent. What Saraki did was to be tactical in conceding the Deputy Senate President to the Southeast which is almost relegated to the background by the Buhari administration.”

Tinubu warned that: “Unless an urgent reconciliation is put in place, the anti-party activities which led to Saraki’s Senate Presidency might cause a prolong crisis in the party. And with plans by the APC leadership to enforce discipline, some leaders might call it quit with the party,” Tinubu added.

Meanwhile ex-dictator, and former President Obasanjo has called on Buhari to ignore Tinubu. “Don’t take Tinubu serious”.
Obasanjo: ” “How can Tinubu be speaking on the interest of the party as if he owns the party? Are the winners (Bukola Saraki and Yakubu Dogara) not APC members again? APC is not a personal property of anyone. The party belongs to everybody and belongs to no single person.

“I will therefore urge the Mr. President to dwell little on the hot agitations of the aggrieved leaders and the Senators-elect. If APC as a political party is heading to court, fine. But we should know that no kind of intimacy can follow after leaving the court. And I believe you all know what that means in Yoruba culture and belief.”

Obasanjo added that factional APC-Group, led by Ahmed Tinubu, Lai Mohammed and others move to challenge the victory of Senator Bukola Saraki and Hon. Yakubu Dogara, as Senate President and Speaker of House of Representatives in court will amount to pulling the party down.

“..the action will amount to one pulling down his house because of unwanted occupants. He advised Tinubu and his band of bitter-men, to swallow the bitter pills with courage. He added, “The deed has been done. The party cannot shy away from correcting some anomalies in the processes that produced the duo as Senate President and Speaker.

Credit:, Post Nigeria, Obasanjo, Tinubu, Opinion River, CityVoice, APC

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