DRUG WAR Turns Lethal, Ethnic-Bashing: As Alleged ‘Drug Dealers kill 3 NDLEA Officials In Ogun state’–Republic Reporters

DRUG WAR Turns Lethal, Ethnic-Bashing: As Alleged ‘Drug Dealers kill 3 NDLEA Officials In Ogun state’–Republic Reporters New York[RR] Ogun–In a piece titled, “DRUG WAR: Suspected drug dealers kill 3 NDLEA officials in Ogun state” published by PUNCH Newspaper, has turned lethal, Ethnic-bashing, as battle between commentators and drug pundits aggressively engage each other over […]


DRUG WAR Turns Lethal, Ethnic-Bashing: As Alleged ‘Drug Dealers kill 3 NDLEA Officials In Ogun state’–Republic Reporters

New York[RR] Ogun–In a piece titled, “DRUG WAR: Suspected drug dealers kill 3 NDLEA officials in Ogun state” published by PUNCH Newspaper, has turned lethal, Ethnic-bashing, as battle between commentators and drug pundits aggressively engage each other over Boko Haram killings in the country, past coups, assassination attempts on politicians, dead wishes and much more, Republic Reporters investigations show.

Samuel Awoyinfa and Afeez Hanafi said: “Three officials of the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency were killed on Sunday in Sabo Owode, Yewa South Local Government Area, Ogun State.

“It was gathered that the NDLEA officials were in the area to arrest some suspected drug dealers when the incident happened. Some eyewitnesses, who pleaded anonymity for security reasons, explained to one of our correspondents that the dealers sighted the NDLEA officials and engaged them in a shootout. He said the combat left three officials dead, while an unspecified number of the suspected dealers were also killed.

The witness said, “The suspected drug dealers in the Sabo area of Owode, Ogun State, confronted the NDLEA officials when they wanted to arrest them. “A shootout occurred and casualties were recorded on both sides.” The state commander of the NDLEA, Bala Fagge, confirmed the incident, adding that the entire command was mourning the men.

“But we have the main suspect in our custody and he will be charged to court soon. There is another officer that sustained injury who is currently recuperating at the hospital.”
The national spokesman for the NDLEA, Michelle Ofoyeju, explained that the men were killed during the arrest of a drug dealer.

He said, “The three officials were killed in a mob attack while on official assignment in Owode, Ogun State. The incident occurred during the arrest of a notorious drug dealer, Azeez Babatunde.

“The officials ─ Bolaji Owolodun, Rabiu Usman Kazaure and Ishaku Joshua ─ were confirmed dead after the attack.” The Chairman of the agency, Ahmadu Giade, said the perpetrators of the attack would be brought to justice.

“The agency will leave no stone unturned until the perpetrators are arrested and dealt with in accordance with the laws of the country.

But commentators and pundits in online blog have their views intact, credible source monitoring observers told Republic Reporters.

Igboka Uwadiegwu: “Really, one can’t tell how Wilson came into this. We should be mourning the death of our anti-drug agents not bringing in an innocent gentleman just for the joke of it. This should NOT be a joke. Precious lives were lost here.

“These savage bloodthirsty YORUBA HARD-DRUG TRAFFICKERS never thought twice about SLAUGHTERING THEIR FELLOW YORUBA(s) who, as our anti-drug agents, were simply doing their duties…and that’s trying to limit the disastrous effects of HARD-DRUG ABUSE in yorubaland, precisely that ravaging yoruba countryside.

“Really, Nigeria here has lost some worthy citizens. May their patriotic souls rest in peace.And may those yoruba ngabti hard-drug traffickers who slaughtered them, including their fellow yorubas, burn in hell. forever..”, he said.

Wilson Iguade didn’t hesitate to thank Mr. Uwadiegwu. “Thank you Igboka, Wilson is NOT into this, the demented minded Buhari’s gay lover, Peter Opara is the one into this and maliciously dragging my name into this matter viciously. I NEVER commented on the article, NEVER said a word to Buhari’s bitch Peter Opara and from no where he started dragging my name into this, just for the sake of rubbishing my name, for what? For voicing my disapproval of Buhari overthrow of a legitimate govt of the people.

“Btw: I will appreciate any information that anyone can share with me with regards to confirmation of Peter Opara’s name, the city of his residence, where he works if he has a job, etc. Please send to me privately if you are serious in helping me, again send me any personal identification information on Peter Opara, privately, if you can. Thank you…”, he said.

Peter Opara: “IGUN IGUANA wilson iguade. At least you have accepted that you are IGUN. UDELE. VULTURE. What do Edo people call Vulture? IGUN wilson iguade, you are an established liar, a dunce and a reprobate, I mean a druggie, a criminal. We know you have several names for cover purposes. You’re gonn’ get caught someday, sometime and soon.

Buhari’s name pumped into the conversation somehow.

“Do you not defend druggies, you IGUN wilson iguade. NDLEA arrested some druggies, and it was only fair, a public service that I alert the NDLEA that the druggies they arrested have a buddy in you IGUN IGUANA wilson iguade. You posted something somewhere praying perhaps to your edo god to take the life of Buhari. And Buhari did not do a thing to you. Dunce. Your biff remains that Buhari/Idiagbo sent your buddies, druggies to the land beyond. You can never forgive Buahri because as you once wrote, it could been you. You escaped the hang man’s noose by whiskers. So you did poison society some bit even after your buddies had beeeeennnnn ggooooonnnnneee. Right? Druggie.

On Coup and on someone wishing Buhari dead.
“On the coup thing you idiot know not a thing about, Buhari neither planned a coup d’etat nor did he execute a coup d’etat. Bastard. The one who planned and executed the coup idiots like you hinge on Buhari is the man idiots and ciminals like you in and outside Nigeria would place their ugly neck on the chopping block for. baabangida. Yes. Bastard, dunce. You thrived during his reign; he let druggies like you fly about like the fly that you are.

“So, you prayed to your Edo god like the druggies that you are, wishing Buhari dead. You also wish me and my family dead. Well, IGUN IGUANA wilson iguade, you are dead already. Are you not talking from your grave. Sit back and listen to yourself. Do you have kids, IGUN wilson iguade? If you do, have them read you sometimes, even now. Let them read your wishes on others.

“Druggies IGUN IGUANA wilson iguade, you have now been certified as a mental case, on your way down, down the abyss of no return. You are a dead man wishing others dead.

“Druggie IGUN IGUANA wilson iguade, your time is up. Go six feet under. Ok? Dig it and jump in. Your time is up. You are of no use to humanity, dirty thing. IGUN.

Afis Odidera: “..If Peter Opara was hit or crushed by a train made of solid iron, the NPN thief would die quicker.
May Peter Opara be hit by Keke NAPEP, slowly breaking his legs in thousand places! That will do it…”, he said

Wilson Iguade: “You Peter Opara is a complete bastard for saying what you said below. May you get hit or crushed by a NY train, may your family begin to die one by one for such vicious propaganda on my person.

“What have I done to you personally for you to degrade to such gutter level, become a maggot. Please I beg you tell me what I have done to you personally? Is it because of my position on Buhari, if so, go and die…”, he said.

Peter Opara: “These are buddies of IGUN IGUANA wilson iguade. Authortities in Nigeria must keep an eye of the creature…”, he said.

As all these were unfolding, The Nation Newspaper added other versions to the NDLEA story and villagers in this case, Republic Reporters investigations revealed.

Nation: ““When the enormity of what happened dawned on the NDLEA operatives, they made a quick u-turn and headed back to base. Unfortunately, they ran into some irate youths who had gathered at the village square with the corpses of three of their community members earlier felled by the bullets fired by the security men.

“The youths opened fire at the approaching patrol van and in the ensuing exchange, three NDLEA operatives lay dead in a pool of blood. Other NDLEA officials in the team sustained various degrees of bullet wounds. The NDLEA managed to escape with the bodies of their deceased colleagues,” the witness added.

“Another version said it was the villagers who opened fire at the security men, killing three in the process. The source said: “The swift response of the villagers and the number of guns in their hands shows that they were battle-ready” the source said.

“Now, an uneasy calm is in the area as a combined teams of military men and riot policemen from Elewe Eran in Abeokuta are on ground to restore peace.

“NDLEA’s Head of Public Affairs, Mitchel Ofoyeju, who confirmed the attack told The Nation that only three of their men were killed in the attack.He said NDLEA officials got an intelligence report that some suspected drug dealers had shifted their operation to Owode.

“Ofoyeju said based on the information, a team of NDLEA operatives were drafted to the area, adding: “I can confirm to you that our men were on an operation at Owode to recover and arrest some drug dealers. During the operation, three of our men were shot dead by some villagers.” He said that the bodies of the deceased operatives had since been deposited at the mortuary, while investigations into the killing by both the police and NDLEA were ongoing.

“Mitchel said a person had been arrested and was being detained at Owode…”, it said.

Update later…

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