Imposter inside Aso Rock: FBI secretly investigating Aso-Rock fraud, Prof. Osibajo And Jubrin Al-Sudani Connection

Imposter inside Aso Rock: FBI secretly investigating Aso Rock fraud, Prof. Osibajo And Jubrin Al-Sudani Connection New York[RR]Washington-DC-Aso-Rock-Saudi-Arabia–United States Federal Bureau of Investigations-FBI is quietly investigating the fraud inside Aso-Rock, Federal Capital Territory, FCT, Abuja, purported capital of Nigeria over cabal imposed imposter known as Jubrin Al-Sadani after God killed Mohammadu Buhari in 2017, Republic […]


Imposter inside Aso Rock: FBI secretly investigating Aso Rock fraud, Prof. Osibajo And Jubrin Al-Sudani Connection

New York[RR]Washington-DC-Aso-Rock-Saudi-Arabia–United States Federal Bureau of Investigations-FBI is quietly investigating the fraud inside Aso-Rock, Federal Capital Territory, FCT, Abuja, purported capital of Nigeria over cabal imposed imposter known as Jubrin Al-Sadani after God killed Mohammadu Buhari in 2017, Republic Reporters investigations show.

According to reports there is apprehension in Aso-Rock as we speak as there is no easy way out to the impasse in FCT-Abuja, Nigeria. Imo State governor Okorocha said if he speaks on Aso-Rock that “Nigerians will burn to down” seconds.

“Is It Enough Reason To Burn Down Aso Rock”- Mixed Reactions Trail Nnamdi Kanu Claim On FAKE BUHARI, another version said:”“If i open my mouth to say what I know, Nigerian’s will burn down Aso Rock in 24hrs”–Rochas Okorocha Explode

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It’s with a heavy heart but a great sense of responsibility and patriotism that I give this brief account of what I know as an insider about the very catastrophic events that have seized our dear country Nigeria currently.
Every man must account for their actions and inactions before our maker sooner or later.
Our highly cerebral brother Prof. Yemi OSINBAJO is a highly learned attorney and Pentecostal Pastor who likes to put up a facade of a wiseman and a pius Christian.
Therefore it was not a surprise that many a Nigerian was shocked at the news-break a couple of days back that he has been indicted by the National House of Representatives with regards to his misappropriation of a whopping N5.8B being monies meant for the most deprived, endangered and vulnerable fellow citizens of Nigeria.

The question on the lips of most Nigerians now is, Prof, where lies thy wisdom, thy piety, thy anti-corruption mantra and posturing?

This brings us to the major theme of this piece. Prof. Yemi Osinbajo is a very important pawn on the chase board of a very rabid, ferocious and vicious power hungry cabal who currently exercise absolute hegemonic authority in our country today.

This cabal is made up of COS Abba Kyari, NSA Monguno, former DG DSS Lawal Daura, Buhari’s relative Mamman Daura, COAS Buratai( keeping an eye on the military), El-Rufai( providing the intellectual fibre because of his pseudo-intellectual pretensions) and a few others. This cabal has an inexhaustible war chest and unfettered access to the national till.

That is why it will not be wrong to add the GMD NNPC Maikanti Baru, the Controller-Gen of Customs Rt.Col Hameed Ali and the DG of NPA Hadiza Bala Usman as members of this cabal. They bring the cash as and when needed, any amount. Hadiza is represented by El-Rufai and some other proxies.

The reasons and how our learned brother, SAN and Pastor got himself into this big mess in which he currently finds himself speak very loudly to his unbridled greed and inordinate ambition. It’s a well known fact amongst the Aso Rock cabal that our brother the VP is very corrupt and has his locker full of financial skeletons.

Right from the inception of the current government when PMB put him in charge of NEMA, OSINBAJO has been neck deep in unsavoury financial malfeasance and the cabal has been taking note. This rendered him vulnerable and subject to blackmail in the hands of the cabal who didn’t want to bother him as it’s well known that the matter of anti-corruption is not something that ranks high in their lists of priorities.

So when in January 2017 Buhari passed on in a U.K. hospital, our learned brother, SAN, Pastor and VP was expected to take over as per our constitution. However the cabal told him that he could not as they would not allow a Yar’Adua-Jonathan scenario to replay. One would have expected him to resist the cabal at that stage with the full support snd weight of the famed Lagos press and the the formidable Lagos based Civil Society Orgs. But alas our man had lost his voice and chickened out and surprisingly agreed to serve as VP to a body double, a half educated, low profile, local actor and ex jail bird from Sudan. OSINBAJO could not stand up to the cabal because his hands were soiled in corruption at NEMA. N5.8B was traced directly to him amongst many other financial infractions. The cabal opened book for him and ordered him to keep quiet. One of them confided in a close aide that “he can never open his mouth because he’ll end up in prison, that he’s too greedy and corrupt”

The cabal proceeded to viciously humiliate and undermine him in every material way on daily basis, sidelining him in major decisions, preventing him from having direct dealings and interactions with his principal, Jubrin Al-Sudani and assigning very menial and sometimes dirty jobs to him to do.

Like always justifying the murderous activities of the Fulani herdsmen and asking Nigerian Christians to pray for the herdsmen while declaring that his unarmed IPOB Southern brothers should be destroyed by the Nigerian military. Even telling blatant lies and using his legal skills to defend the indefensible failures of the the Govt of the cabal.

A source very close to him and one of his security details once came to tears while narrating the ordeals of his Oga in the hands of this vicious and merciless cabal that has no conscience but blamed him for making himself vulnerable because of greed for money and political office.

Now, last week the cabal decided that it was time to “shake him a little” because of the new NNAMDI KANU’s revelations about Jubrin Al-Sudani. Following the very precise and mind blowing revelations by NNAMDI KANU, the cabal quickly met and reviewed their strategies for survival. They reasoned that under pressure that Osinbajo cannot be trusted being Yoruba and an outsider in the power caucus of Aso-Rock. So they asked their point men at the National Assembly to open his case in order to remind him to remain loyal and remember that “we are all in this together”

Osinbajo’s immediate crisis of confidence started on the eve of Prince Charles’ visit to Nigeria. The cabal tried to make overtures and offers to Aisha Buhari to come to Abuja to play the role of First Lady to President Jubril but she refused.

Prof. Osinbajo was expected to put the wife forward to play the role but he wasn’t forthcoming but instead was ” speaking grammar” according to insiders. That singular behaviour raised some suspicions about his continued loyalty and commitment to the oat of secrecy regarding Jubril. They therefore asked their men at NASS to ‘beat him into line’ by opening the ‘book of sins’.

Now that the NASS has done their work, Osinbajo has gone to the Cabal on his four limbs to renew his pledge of absolute allegiance and oath of secrecy and the matter of N5.8B public fund embezzled by him will be swept under the carpet for now. Nothing will come out of it as long as he cooperates with regards to Jubril Al-Sudani project.

They say Osinbajo is not a man of honour or piety as he would want the world to believe. His major character flaw is greed.

When Osinbajo was invited to the UK hospital to meet with Jubrin, after the passing of Buhari, the cabal said they expected him to show some surprise or to raise some objections but instead he was grinning from ear to ear saying it was a ‘perfect job and we’ll push it through, no problems, God will help us’

On the other hand Mrs KEMI ADEOSUN is an honourable woman. From the outset she worried that the Jubril project was terrible, perfidious and will attract consequences at the end of the day. She confided in close aides that she couldn’t wait to exit ‘a deceitful, desperate and ethnocentric Govt’.

ROCHAS OKOROCHA who was in the habit of speaking only Hausa to Buhari when he was alive, after his first encounter with Jubril in the Uk hospital expressed mixed feelings that ‘this project might not fly for too long. This man’s Hausa is not very “done” and might give him
away. Again I know my Igbo brothers they will scrutinise and scrutinise until they find out our trick’

TINUBU from the outset was for the Jubrin project, although he was informed very late, but he felt he had IOU with the Govt and would not mind if Lucifer himself would come to Aso Rock to honour it. He’s an unconscionable political entrepreneur who has always boasted that he can deal politically even with the devil himself. That’s Jagaban. He’s a co-conspirator in this project and that explains why his TV station TVC and Newspaper The Nation are silent.

He’s not a patriot but an opportunist.

ATIKU ABUBAKAR is very much aware although he was a late convert to the idea after the deed had been perfected. They couldn’t trust him at the inception but had to carry him along later.

OBJ got to find out much later and was furious but confided in close aides that in the interest of national security and peace the best thing was to vote Jubril out into “oblivion or grave in 2019″.

This is also IBB’s position.

TY DANJUMA was mad when he found out but was overwhelmed by the fact that he hasn’t the means to fight the cabal.

NNAMDI KANU has a formidable international intelligence network that enables him to do what he’s doing and stay a step ahead of us. The Govt knows this very well and should have employed a different initiative in dealing with him and his group. The Govt aroused the beast in him in the botched attempt to assassinate him and his parents.

That was a regrettable error.

AISHA BUHARI is a very humane and enlightened activist widow. She hates the cabal who are using a foreign body double to impersonate the late husband. She complains that whenever she sets sight on Jubril Al-Sudani even on the television, that she experiences nightmares as she feels like she’s seen the ghost of her late husband. She complains to her children and relatives that her husband is not resting in peace and that what the cabal has done is against the teachings of Islam.

The cabal has now bought her silence with money, billions in US Dollars, the type she had never dreamt of.

This ruling cabal excises rulership and authority over a country of about 180 million citizens with over 300 ethnic nationalities through a collegiate group made up of only three tribes- the Fulani, Hausa and Kanuri. They are in power for only three reasons:

(1) Money
(2) Supremacist ethnic agenda
(3) Islamisation of the social, public, military and paramilitary spaces in Nigeria.

Nigerians should take note that in this evil project the entire APC leadership including State governors and ministers are stakeholders and also many privileged Nigerian elites. They are all benefiting from it through corrupt financial deals.

Credit: Dailypost, Rocahas Okorocha, Cconcerned Nigerian, Republic Reporters, Radio Biafra, Citizen Nnamdi Kanu

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