Obiageli Ezekwesili: Why I Stopped Tweeting By Opele Delphi

Obiageli Ezekwesili: Why I Stopped Tweeting By Opele Delphi Monday, Nigerians woke up to some news that Obiageli Ezekwesili was arrested. At first i thought she was going to answer for her tenure in the ministry of education under the Obasanjo administration. Then news came back that she had been released, all in the beat […]


Obiageli Ezekwesili: Why I Stopped Tweeting By Opele Delphi

Monday, Nigerians woke up to some news that Obiageli Ezekwesili was arrested. At first i thought she was going to answer for her tenure in the ministry of education under the Obasanjo administration. Then news came back that she had been released, all in the beat of about thirty minutes.

Obiageli, according to her media makeover artistes, was on her way to London to continue the job Obasanjo started on a television program called HARDTALK. She was reported to have added that her passport was confiscated.

On the bought-media sites, she was eulogized as an activist who had been at the vanguard of “bring back our girls campaign”.

This was why i stopped tweeting. Any character could become a celebrity in the twinkle of a tweet. No one wants to know your direction or antecedents. It is a veritable ground for deceit and tomfoolery. Although, useful items come once in a bluemoon. It is like reading comments online.Nothing works better as a day spoiler.

How many ‘ordinary’ Nigerians would scream over a thirty-minute delay at the airport, especially in this kind of time when security must remain at red-alert? We, non-ex, spend more time with the police at checkpoints and even get frisked for roger.One of the reasons we shouted for state police and police reforms under Obiageli’s boss.This could have been in the past if Obiageli had taken up activism against her boss. But they always forget they would be out of office one day .
It was the same reaction with Ali Ndume. Obiageli demands a special treament from security or else she would scream on tweeter.

She is not alone. Her comrade and fellow minister in the Obasanjo cabinet, Mallam Nasir El-Rufai, is also a tweeter mogul. He takes time to poke jokes on Jesus Christ and push a few alarms of his own. His bitterness dips him in so much he calls the president names. An office he desperately wants to occupy. But Rufai is more than bitter because Jonathan chose Sambo instead of him as Vice President. He already gave us a template in case he becomes a president in 2020. If their seeth spares Nigeria till then. He does not even run in front inside the APC anyhow.

If these folks who had been ministers before, and only took care of their own interests, could return and pollute the pressure space like this, the ordinary Nigerian would be in trouble if not careful. What they want is pretty clear, and it is not an improved Nigeria. One like El-Rufai wants his throne back from an Izon man who got lucky.
Obiageli, on the other hand is furious that she was not valued highly enough to be in this government, inspite of all the certificates in her purse.

The security officers should do their jobs, inspite of tweeter idols and their worshippers, because if they failed and Obiageli’s plane got hijacked by the militant arm of their party, they would still turn round to blame officials and the government they represent. However, they should be smart as the serpents they must deal with. Obiageli had been tweeting her HARDTALK appearance according to the report. It was not gaining enough resonance. The security fell for her publicity gimmick, by not managing the bait well. She once again scored a national and international advertisment of her U.K. television appearance. We all now know that she is also going home to HARDTALK.

I am willing to wager a lot, that there were serious businessmen and professionals who were officially given the same treatment by security at the Nnamdi Azikiwe airport, and they just collected their passports and boarded the flight. Not so with special people. The poor Nigerian still working out how the day would run without hunger as companion has to attend to a rich woman’s theatrics.

For the umpteenth time, these sudden activists should let us breathe. We will make do with our trusted activists and new honest ones. The issues are bigger than they are either pretending or they know. It is bigger than Obasanjo ministers attempting to take anyone for a ride. It is bigger than the presidency they target so viciously.

It is as big as the ultimatum issued all southerners to vacate the north in 14 days or else… If you discountenanced the Arewa Youth who issued the ultimatum, could you seriously dismiss the platform they used? The palace of the emir of Kano !

The issue is as big as the warning issued by Arewa’s deputy national secretary ; that Hausas in the East must be treated as kings and queens or else, the over 45 trllion Naira investments of the Igbo in the north would be up in flames. Abubakar Umar, the Arewa scribe, added that they had done it before in Jos in 2011 post-election violence, and the south-south, Yoruba and Igbo, lost 970 bn Naira, 480 bn Naira and 410 bn Naira respectively. He said they had the statistics and they knew where the investments were located.

The activism of Ezekwesili should start from home. Ndigbo is under a severe threat today, and that threat is not coming from the airport security. It is coming from her party mates.
The APC, federal government and characters like Obiageli are pretending these words were not spoken. This was how they pretended that Sani Yerima would not get worse. It was how they pretended Akaluka’s head on a stick in Kano was a nightmare. They keep running for their little portfolios while bigger evils than their visions of looting fester. Akaluka’s beheading was not far from Lamido Sanusi’s arm’s length. He was not an emir then. Now he is an emir, and he has sent a preview of his reign to the non-Hausa in his domain. People think he is joking. He is not.

The Arewa threat on Igbo investment and the Sanusi-palace ultimatun create a perfect tally. It is what Boko Haram has been saying with bombs and guns. This is where Obiageli’s outrage should matter, perhaps, the Ndigbo would take her emergency activism seriously. She is a joke right now where activism exists. It would not matter if she went from hardtalk to Amanpour. She remains a joke.

We should be furious with her distractions, but it is worthless. This woman belonged to a regime which remained the worst violator of human rights till date among civilian administrations. Hers was a regime which sold practically everything Nigerians corporately held as patrimony. She belonged to the regime which spent billions of dollars on electricity, and Nigerians are still in the dark. No money, no light. Her boss shamelessly bought a part of the electricity property off Nigerians, after ensuring that the project was as messed up as possible. Obiageli knows the doyens of corruption in the cabinet she functioned in as Madam due process. She knew when to play due process to the gallery and when to shut up, when the boss was not interested in any due process play.

Obiageli was not an activist all that while. But she would be one now, and she expects to be so celebrated. Yes, she would be celebrated on a cold day in hell.

Does anyone sincerely believe that the mothers of Chibok girls said they would not meet the president? That is a laugh. The folks who housed free girls in Borno government house for days on end were the operators of the rejection. I ask again, why did Kashim Shettima house the girls who “escaped” inside government house for weeks? Was it to protect them from being recaptured? Then he should have just housed all the girls in Borno state. The most natural sequence on that day was to release them to their parents. It could not be so because a few lies had to be perfected. The girls who were said to have escaped did not really escape. They were released because they were not Christians. Did you notice how one particular item was raised and emphasized when the photos of the Chibok girls were released by Boko Haram? The item was one muslim girl who was interviewed, and claimed pointedly that she was a muslim. It so happens that Chibok is a Christian community. 99% of the girls are christians. It is an offensive against christianity. Kashim Shettima was housing the girls for so long so that they could receive enough preps. There was a reason he declined WAEC’s request for change of venue. There was a reason he promised security but failed to make good.

If the girls had been released immediately after their “escape”, many of them would have told the truth about their touted escape. Why do we deceive each other so?
Again, why did Kashim Shettima pay the girls who escaped so much money? What was the money for? For escaping? How much would he pay those who were not so lucky when they return? Although, Obasanjo, in HARDTALK, already said they had all being impregnated and may never return. He spoke it so pitiably, like a deeply emotional parent. Yet, that was sheer acting. If oyinbos do not know Obasanjo, we know how he levelled Odi. We remember how he said commiserating with bomb blast victims was not his business. We recall all the doting father was reported to have done to his children’s wives, and to his own children. Iyabo is still very angry. Her last letter to daddy attests to that.

The Obiagelis of this world refuse to see the big picture because they are so selfish. Not because they stand on any considerable moral pedestal. They would leave the threat on their own homestead this violent season and pretend it was possible to separate the political house they chose from the bombs the housemates throw. Folks like Obiageli do not want to talk caliphate politics. They cringe from religious-politics. They could not talk corruption to its length. They could only play politics with the lives of abducted children, even when it was most expedient in the view of security experts to keep the issue down in order to strengthen the hands of negotiators. It was the precise time Obiageli chose to go to town in blazing red. They roused the noise from the United States with a scanty crowd. It was then amplified in Nigeria by their bought-media. When it was not loud enough, Obiageli jumped in with her comrade’s cap and blazing banner. That is how to get girls off Boko Haram’s clutch. By breathing hot in David Mark’s face. She knows it is ineffectual. She is just toying with the fate of those hapless children, believing we would clap her for that and clubber Jonathan. It is silly, really.

These people show the kind of meanness unexpected of mothers, real mothers with milk that had not gone sour. Who would tell them now, that the lull works for the girls better than the noise? Who would convince them that the first round of banners was for world outrage. Great. The second round of banners against Jonathan is dumb. It is a hopeless strategy which gains no mileage for anyone, but works only for the abductor !

Obiageli and the tweeting party do not have the interest of these girls at heart. What did she do when her regime ordered MOURNING MOTHERS to be tear-gassed in Lagos? Nothing! She did not offer a whimper. Office was sweet then, and she wants more now from her dreams of an APC federal government. How does her outrage treat the wounds of the mothers of the three couriers Mohammadu Buhari killed with retroactive laws? How does it treat the billions of dollars Bbangida looted and the mothers of Dele Giwa and Mamman Vatsa among many others? How does it treat the looting of Lagos by the Bola Tinubu empire? These are the lords of Obiageli’s new manor, where she is only a little more than a hand.

The thirst for a return to federal cabinet, and the hate at the center of Obiageli’s heart is chewing her up so much that she shields her mind from the realities of this political game.It is not her game as she would soon realize. This is the game of vultures, and the vultures in her partisan enclave are the ones who swallow the likes of Boko Haram’s Shekau, just for a crunchy snack.

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