Citizen C. Ezebuihe: "ALL ROADS LEAD TO BIAFRA": Breaking: Igbo ask Buhari to 'shut up' on Biafra, called on ICC, Hague to begin trial of all war crimes perpetrators in Nigeria including Buhari. Ohaneze Ndigbo regrets Buhari's comment on Biafra


Update: Breaking: "If you takeaway Jesus Christ in anything in your life, you're powerless, finished"--Shootings in America's public schools worsen since removal of: "Jesus Christ, Ten Commandments, morning devotion" in its public schools in the name of fake "Separation of Church and State" is the demise of that institution"--International Human Rights Monitor, IHRM, Executive Director, C.U.O. Umunna


Trump: "Arm Classroom Teachers to confront wacky school shooters", Parent:"talking to Mr. Trump is like talking to a toddler", Reported insiders present at Trump meeting with parents of victims in Houston, Texas school shootings

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