Update: Breaking: Biafra: British officials rushing in and out of so called-Nigeria as British-Nigeria nears collapse/in tatters..yesterday Prime Minister May visited, today Prince Charles is visiting..very suspicious, who will visit next?---Republic Reporters


Citizen Tuo Tamuno: "I am IJAW and very proud of it, but the name Igbo puts fear in the hearts of Fulani, am very grateful to the Igbo ethnicity because if not for them, Islam would have grounded us all in the name of "one sharia Nigeria". The name Igbo puts fear in the hearts of Fulani because that's the only tribe that understands their trick."--Citizen Tuo Tamuno


Update: Pius Adesanmi: "GOD is GREAT! Back at work for the first time today since Nigeria's deadly roads nearly claimed me on July 17th, 2018"--Pius Adesanmi

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